Color War is now in full swing. Points were tallied at lunch. All majors this morning had competition. On the soccer field the athletes were broken into their respective color wars teams ( Spurs & Kings) and competed in a series of juggling, shooting, long balling, and endurance exercises. Both teams had fantastic attitudes that made the morning fun and enjoyable. The Spurs came out on top with a 12-9 victory on the pitch today.

Basketball, Hockey, Baseball and Lax all did their respective drills for points. Good sportsmanship is stressed and points are added or taken away accordingly.

This afternoon the competition was taken off the fields. There was broom ball matches on the ice, a cook off in the dinning hall, and arts & crafts in the wolverine den. For arts & crafts the campers worked on a banner for their team.

At line up the score for the day Kings 179 & Spurs 173. This is amazingly close.

Tonight is the final BSC league followed by making your own ice cream sunday in the Wolverine Den.

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