I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. The counselor who has been doing an amazing job all summer with the blogs (and who is a journalism major) had to be back at school early. I figured that after a long day on the fields and saying good night to the Rookie (our youngest) campers I would be able to come back to the office at 10pm and write the blog. It just didn’t happen. With 1 full day left in camp I want to tell you how proud I am of our entire camp community. Because of our staff and their hard work the campers are sprinting towards the finish line. Color War is happening which means all campers are giving it 100% in every activity. I love being out on the fields because you always hear loud cheers erupt as a camper scores the winning goal and propels his team to victory. Over the past few days in addition to skills competitions & games in soccer, basketball, baseball, lax & hockey we have also had a track meet, cook-off and jeopardy. Tomorrow we wrap things up with our Wacky Relay which involves the entire camp. I can’t believe camp ends tomorrow but am so grateful it happened!


Today was the last day of July, and it was a great one up here at BSC! Our last full Saturday of Session Two ended week two, which finished with a typical schedule during the day time.

Majors happened in the morning, after a breakfast of french toast and sausage. As we near the end of camp, the competition within major periods is growing as well. Basketball
featured plenty of competitive drills, from 2v1 to full 5v5. Lacrosse and soccers majors did the same, with campers learning how to attack the net from various positions on the field. Hockey held their two sessions per division as well, with morning session focusing on edge work and scrimmages taking up the afternoon. Lastly, baseball did not fully scrimmage, but held competitive fielding, running, and throwing drills.

The afternoon minor periods were also competitive, with games going on in everything from flag football to volleyball. There were of course, more relaxed activities too, such as driving golf balls at the local range or getting out to the waterfront.

Lastly, Saturday was movie night, with the campers staying up late before our Lazy Sunday to watch a few flicks. Goodburger and Space Jam 2 were two of our choices. As week 3 approaches, it’s hard to believe the summer is nearly over, but we’re making the most of our time left!

July 28

Wednesday marked the halfway point of Session Two at BSC, and we didn’t let the occasion pass quietly. We did, however, go through our standards majors in the morning. And the level of competition in those sessions continues to increase, with just about every major scrimmaging for portions of the period. Even baseball has started implementing some coach-pitch live scrimmaging into their routines. And in the afternoon, after an extended rest hour, we had a single minor period.

But it was after that when our day truly took off. It was Carnival Day! We rented inflatable playhouses, from your classic bouncy house to an obstacle course to a water slide. From 3 until the sun went down, we enjoyed ourselves on the fields. But it wasn’t just us. Our sister camp, Kent’s Hill, came over for a social, so campers got to mingle while enjoying the carnival.

To close the night, we are outside; a cookout dinner of burgers, dogs, and mac n’ cheese. And as the sunset, we gathered on the field for a private fireworks show, before saying goodnight to Kent’s Hill. An exciting day, to be sure!

Monday – UPDATE

We enjoyed our second Monday of camp today, July 26th. Fully into the swing of things by now, campers know what to expect from their daily schedules. The major sessions are particularly focused on consistency, and building off of the skills and work habits instilled during week one.

Basketball major continued with the individual skill work that comprised much of week one, including ball-handling and footwork. To end, there were some live action situations, including 3v3 and 5v5 half-court. Hockey major also kept things competitive and instructional, with edge work in the morning, but competitions in the afternoon such as shooting games. Soccer majors focused on live situations too, such as 3v2s and how to play through-balls, before ending with a scrimmage. On the diamond, baseball majors competed in the gauntlet, composed of different fielding stations, before ending with some hitting. Lastly, lacrosse majors focused on individual skill work with mini-competitions.

After a lunch of quesadillas and rest hour, campers once again headed back out for their minors. Intense games and individual competitions were held across sports like basketball and flag football. For choose-up, campers’ options were slightly more structured. A basketball clinic went on in the gym, the weight room was open to work out in, and the pro division continued their singles tennis tournament. All in all, a super active day at BSC!

Thursday – UPDATE

Thursday #1 of Session Two was a typical day at Bridgton Sports Camp. The hottest day of camp so far, the sun was out nearly all day with the temperature in the high 70’s. Our campers and counselors, with the aid of sunscreen and full water bottles, enjoyed their day in the sun.

By the fourth day of majors, we’ve settled into the rhythm of those sessions, with teaching points becoming consistent. Hockey followed the same routine today, with edgework and some basic team concepts in the morning, followed by age-specific scrimmages in the afternoon. Basketball had another session of individual work transition into some competitive drills. Ball-handling and footwork were emphasized before playing 4-vs.4 with a focus on team defense. On the diamond, baseball majors focused on fielding, specifically from the infield positions. Then, the campers worked on fundamentals such as bunting and base-running. Lacrosse majors, meanwhile, worked on passing and advantage situations such as 3-vs.-2s, before the goalies faced shots. Finally, soccer majors worked on basic team concepts like scoring off through-balls, before ending with a scrimmage.

The afternoon was once again spent in minor sessions, with all campers who played basketball getting to use the indoor gym for the first time this summer. And for our snack period, we treated the campers to a treat, with an ice-cream truck stopping by campus. All-in-all, a busy day, which left campers hungry for a delicious dinner of steak, potatoes, and green beans. Hard to believe Week 1 is nearly in the books!

Wednesday Update

Our first Wednesday of Session Two was another classic day at Bridgton Sports Camp. It was spent in some classic Maine weather as well, with pockets of drizzles sprinkled around a sunny, humid day overall. Luckily, the rain didn’t disrupt any of the day’s periods.

We started with majors after a breakfast of waffles and sausage. After day three of our major sessions, the tone is set for the rest of our sessions, and so is our effort level. The hockey majors, divided by age group, each had two sessions on Wednesday. The first of which was spent sharpening their skating skills and some basic team concepts like passing. In the afternoon, the first scrimmages of the session were held, with campers translating their drill-work to live action. Basketball ran similarly, with campers continuing their 3-on-3 competitions after individual work. On the turf, Lacrosse and soccer majors were alike. After starting with individual drills, each major covered basic advantage situations, such as 2-vs-1s and 3-vs.-2s. Baseball started focusing on the offensive side of the ball, with some hitting off the tee after fielding drills.

The afternoon was once again spent in minor sessions. Some standout periods included an intense, down-to-the-wire flag football game, as well as some campers getting up on the wakeboard on the water. After a cookout dinner featuring franks, burgers, and watermelon, we had the inaugural night of BSL. Campers within all age groups competed in sports like ultimate frisbee, kickball, and handball, as the quest for championship glory kicked off.


Session Two continued with another packed day on Tuesday. It was our first normally scheduled day of the session, with campers attending all five of their periods and choose-up in the afternoon.

After a classic breakfast of eggs and potatoes, campers headed to their majors for the second time. Over at the outdoor basketball courts, our hoopers continued their individual skill work, emphasizing footwork and ball security, before ending with some live 3-on-3 competitions. Our hockey majors got on the ice for the first time on Tuesday, with some intense edge work that got the boys sweating. Over on the fields, baseball majors continued their run/stretch/throw program before diving into some infield and outfield work, as they look to start working on hitting later this week. On the turf, soccer and lacrosse majors followed similar schedules, with our soccer players going through individual skill-work like their first touches and dribbling. Lacrosse majors worked on stickhandling and passing as well.

In the afternoon, we dove headfirst into all our minors for the first time at BSC. Everything from the ever-popular waterfront periods, like wakeboarding and waterskiing, to archery, was open. Flag football minors featured some intense competitions under the hot sun, and our golfing periods featured campers at the local driving range to hit balls off the tee. In the evening, campers were free to explore the campus within their age groups, either playing on the fields or putting in work in the weight room. The Wolverine’s Den was also open, where campers ate a nighttime snack while watching the beginning of the Bucks’ Finals-clinching victory. Overall, your typical, jam-packed day at BSC!

Monday, July 19 UPDATE

BSC Session Two is now officially underway! We had our first full day of camp on Monday, and despite some patches of rain, the kids were on their feet, and sure to need a good night’s rest. Our rookie division woke up at 7:45 this morning, followed by the pro and senior divisions half an hour later, as we headed up to the dining hall for a classic breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Before we got to our majors, though, the campers headed to their rooms to make them nice and clean. A clean room is no small task here at BSC, as the cleanest room in each dorm wins a trip to the local ice cream parlor at the end of the week.

We then had a morning full of majors, despite some light rain before noon. Our basketball session was held on our new outdoor courts, as we follow COVID protocols before ensuring none of our campers are COVID-positive. Hockey was also a bit different today; campers brought their bags up the hill to the rink before going through an off-ice workout session. Elsewhere on the field, soccer and lacrosse majors met each other, their counselors, and coaches for the session, before going through some individual skill work. Baseball too followed a similar pattern, introducing their run, stretch, and throw routine before ending with some fielding drills.

After lunch and rest time, we followed some stations in the afternoon. The campers rotated with their divisions, first taking the swim test that will allow them free reign in the lake this summer. Then, we went to the lecture hall to go over the rules of camp with Koop, and get their weekly schedules. Finally, we met on the field for our Bridgton Sports League (BSL) combine. BSL is essentially our intramural league, where all the campers are divided into teams to compete in minor sports such as handball, cricket, and dodgeball throughout the session.

At night, the campers had free play on the fields before heading with their divisions back to the dorms to wind down before sleep. We ate a small snack before bed-time, hung out and got to know each other a little more, before heading to sleep. Overall, a great start to Session Two!

Wednesday – UPDATE

It’s Color War!! On Wednesday morning, we broke Color War for the campers, featuring the most recent NBA and NHL champions, per tradition. So we have the Lakers, donned in yellow, and the Lightning in Blue, as the two sides for this year’s competition, with every camper assigned to one of the two teams. In addition to our counselor captains heading each side, we also have captains within each division to lead and motivate their teams. So after breakfast sandwiches in the AM, we started our first day of 2021, Session One Color War.

We still had our regular majors before lunch, though. They were just full of competition for Color War points, while still emphasizing the teaching points of the first 16 days of camp. So at the basketball court, campers still went through individual skill work, like shooting and ball-handling, but under the guise of competition. The last 40 minutes of the period was spent in an intense scrimmage between the Lightning and Lakers, with the winner receiving the majority of the points distribution. Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball, and Soccer all followed similar patterns, with the start of each period consisting of skillwork competitions, and ending with our most competitive scrimmages of the session. It is Color War, after all.

The afternoon featured various competitions split up by age group, also for Color War points. For example, the rookie division competed in sports like handball and soccer, divided into their Color War teams, for points. The seniors and pros each had absolutely rollicking games of basketball at the arena, with much of their peers cheering them on from the bleachers. After the afternoon events had concluded, we headed to another full-camp lineup, where we recapped the entirety of the day’s events and points breakdown. After a cookout dinner of some burgers and dogs, with sides, the campers had free time to roam the fields, courts, and Wolverine’s Den to watch Game 4 of the NBA Finals before heading to bed.

Monday – UPDATE

We started our third and final week of Session One at BSC this Monday, under a cloudy sky that turned into sunshine by the end of the day. We had our usual morning, with our youngest campers rising at 7:45 AM, eating a breakfast of french toast and sausage, before heading back to their dorms to clean. The pro and senior divisions followed with the same routine half an hour later.

Majors were also in full effect, today. At the arena, our basketball majors focused on more individual, offensive skill work, before closing the period by focusing on some team defensive concepts. They did not scrimmage, but many of the drills were competitive, where we saw the tremendous progress made over these last two weeks come to light. And that was the theme of the day across majors. It’s surprising how two solid weeks of practice can improve your game, but maybe it shouldn’t be. At our full-camp lineup in the evening, our counselors stressed the improvement they’ve noticed over the past 15 days, and how it reflects not only on their coaching ability, but the campers’ work ethic. That includes our hockey majors, which were full of scrimmages today, in which the level of competition reached its peak, thus far. It also includes our baseball majors, who also held a full scrimmage today after both infield and outfield drills. Lacrosse majors have started to implement more game-like drills, playing 4-on-3 today after individual work concluded, and soccer followed similarly, practicing their advantage situations before ending with a scrimmage.

Minors were also competitive on Monday, after a restful, recharging day on Sunday. There were full-court, and 2-on-2 competitions at basketball periods, while flag football featured some outstanding individual efforts. The rookies concluded their tennis tournament under the hot sun, and later started the first round of Bridgton Sports League, which featured intense bouts at the GaGa ball and newcomb courts. And after their dinner of pasta and vegetables, the pro and senior divisions followed suit, before winding down our night by watching what turned into a thrilling MLB Home Run Derby.

With just four full days left, campers are starting to grasp that their camp experience is soon coming to an end. There’s an emphasis during this final week on making the most out of each day, and we certainly did that Monday.