Pizza Friday!

It was a hot, sunny, humid day out, but that did not keep the campers from smiling and having fun at their sports! We also had 3 inter-camp games as well! It was a busy day!
Every camper woke up to sunshine in the morning which improved everyone’s mood by wanting to work hard and have fun. We also had the campers who signed up for the street hockey game head out after breakfast.
We had a great BSL today. The campers played dodgeball, handball, kickball, Gaga, and spike ball. Every game was competitive, but they still had fun.
During the first period, many campers had their majors. In hockey, they worked on their edges to help them become better skaters. The lacrosse majors worked on passing on the run, and the basketball majors had different stations to help them with shooting, defending, and passing. The other campers had minors. In the weight training minor, they worked on strengthening their legs and arms, and instead of doing the volleyball minor, they played badminton and bean bag toss.
In the second period, there was the fishing minor, and there was one camper who caught 3 fish, and another camper who caught one. There also was a camper who had a fish on his line, but the fish got away before he could pull it up.
For lunch, we had chicken nuggets and fries, and cake for dessert. Straight after lunch, all campers and counselors went to Rest Hour.
When the third period rolled around, there were campers who had the home soccer and kickball games to go and play in. While those campers were playing, the rest had a regular day going to their minors. The hockey players had a scrimmage out on the ice as usual.
The games were still going on during the fourth period, and many campers chose to watch the game. The hockey players still went out on the ice for a scrimmage and had fun!
During Line-up we found out that we won all the games today! This is the first time in a long time that we won three inter-camp games in one day! Every camper was very hyped and happy about it!
Everyone was excited for dinner because it was pizza and pop with a Popsicle to finish it off! We also celebrated a birthday as well!
The campers had Free Time after dinner, and once again Gaga was the hotspot to be at. For snack we the famous Scooby Snacks gummies! Upstairs in Humanities, we had a camper teach some others about Snooker.
It was a humid day, but the campers drank lots of water and put on sunscreen and of course had a blast!
Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and please wish the camper a very happy birthday!
More updates are coming!

A Cloudy Wednesday

It was a gloomy, humid Wednesday but we got to sleep in an extra hour!

It was sprinkling in the morning, so for BSL, we played dodgeball in the gym. Each team played and Rookies played Rookies and Pros and Seniors combined together. All the games were very competitive, and the campers had fun!

After BSL, every camper went to their major until lunch. In the hockey major, the counselors set up different stations to help the campers work on edge work, battling for the puck, passing, and shooting. The basketball majors worked on doing 3 fast dribbles in place and either passing to their partner’s chest or bouncing the ball on the floor to their partner. In baseball, the campers worked on catching ground balls, and the pitchers worked on their throw with the head coach. Soccer majors had fun playing different games such as 2 v 1 and 2 v 2. In lacrosse, they worked on picking up ground balls and double-teaming the player with the ball. At the very end of the drill, the player with the ball could shoot on net.

We had our normal day and rest hour after lunch because it stopped raining. A lot of the campers were able to take a quick nap during to catch up on some sleep.
For the third and fourth period, all the campers went to their minors. The hockey players went back on the ice and scrimmages and played sharks and minnows. The rest of campers had fun at their minors!

During Line-up we only had one camper tell a joke and he got the bucket.

What type of bagel can fly?
-A plain bagel

For dinner, we had chicken, peas, the salad bar, pasta bar, and of course ice cream sandwiches!

The Rookies headed off to shower and the Pros and Seniors went straight to Free Time after dinner. In Humanities, the campers were able to watch women and men doing CrossFit on the T.V., and they could still do fun games such as pool or ping pong.

Tomorrow is the flag football game against another camp! Wish the campers luck!

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope you had a great Wednesday!

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

A Sunny, Bright Tuesday

Another gorgeous day! It was sunny with barely any clouds in the sky! It was the perfect full day of majors and minors for the campers!

Waking up with smiles on their faces, the campers headed to breakfast and off to BSL (Bridgton Sports League). BSL is a big tournament where every camper is on a team, but they are divided by their division. So, Rookies only play Rookies, and Pros and Seniors play together. They play different games, for the Rookies they can play Gaga, Spike Ball, and Handball. The Pros and Seniors can play Dodgeball, Handball, Kickball, or Ultimate Frisbee. BSL can get very competitive because each team wants the pizza party if they win.

Right after BSL is the first period where the campers can have majors and minors. The hockey majors had different stations that worked on stick skills, offense and defensive positioning, and opening up to receive a pass. The lacrosse majors worked on boxing players out to get the ball and shooting on the run. In baseball, they worked on batting from the tee and catching the ball to throw to first base. Some campers did have a minor in flag football and weight training and fitness. In weight training, the campers focused on doing exercises to strengthen their abs. The campers in flag football had fun catching the ball and scoring touchdowns.

In the second period, the hockey players did the same thing as first-period hockey majors. The soccer majors had a scrimmage and played a game called knock out. The basketball majors ended their practice with different campers making a free throw and if they miss then everyone ran down and back.

After lunch, the campers had their third and fourth periods. The campers in third-period hockey had a fun game of sharks and minnows and a scrimmage. Also during the scrimmage, we had a camper pick up an opponent’s goalie stick to give back to the goalie. It was awesome to see campers demonstrating sportsmanship!

In the fourth period, the hockey majors had a scrimmage, and all the campers had fun at their other minors!

During Choose Up, the waterfront was open, and a couple of campers took advantage of that. Also happening at the same time were tryouts for the U13 and U15 3 v 3 basketball tournament, and the U15 flag football game coming up soon against other camps.

At Lineup, we had brother duo who said a joke, but they did not get the water dumped on them. There were two more campers who went after them and the last camper was not as lucky.

His joke:

What is the pony’s favorite basketball game?

There were no world-famous tacos for Taco Tuesday, but we did have steak, the salad bar, corn, potatoes, bread, and the pasta bar.

After dinner, the Gaga Pit was the hit of the night! There were tons of campers there having fun getting each other out! The other hot spot of the night was the Humanities building where the campers can play pool, ping pong, and more!

The campers had an awesome day, and it being sunny all day helped! It kept the campers in a great mood and helped them enjoy their activities!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and maybe you had some tacos tonight!

More updates tomorrow!

First Day of Camp

Today was the first day of camp where the campers went to their majors! To make the day better, it was sunny all day! It was a perfect day for the camp to officially start!
The campers woke up excited and ready! After breakfast, the different divisions had their swim tests and they got their schedule for the camp. The water was chilly because there was a slight breeze and it was in the morning. The waterfront staff did another wonderful job making sure the campers were safe and still having a good time.

After all the swim tests, every camper had their major for the first time this session. The hockey majors brought up their gear and went over the rules. Lacrosse majors worked on passing using their left and right hand and doing 2 v 2. Baseball majors met the coach and ran through their daily warmup and some of the pitchers were able to work on their throw. Basketball majors did some scrimmages. Lastly, soccer majors worked on passing and had a scrimmage towards the end of the period.

Hockey majors went on the ice after lunch to work on skating specifically edge work. The rest of the campers went to their minors like a normal day. Some minors can be soccer, lacrosse, baseball, waterfront activities and many more.

During 4th period, the other age group of hockey majors went on the ice and did the same thing. Everyone else had their minors as before. There were some campers who had a golfing minor, and they had fun hitting the ball.

We did have Choose up, and afterward, during Line-up we had 2 campers tell jokes. The second camper was not so lucky as he got the bucket of water.
His joke:

What did the football coach say to the vending machine?
-Give me my quarterback.

For dinner, we had, barbeque chicken, peas, mashed potatoes, and the salad and pasta bar. For dessert we had brownies!

Just like any other day, the campers enjoyed their free time after dinner before heading to bed or going back to their dorms.

The campers are looking forward to a normal day tomorrow so they can experience their schedule how the rest of the 3 weeks will be like. It is exciting to see the campers trying different sports and loving them!

Until next blog!

End of Session 1


Yesterday was our banquet where the campers could dress up and look nice for dinner. We all ate dinner together and had a raffle where campers and counselors could win BSC gear such as backpacks, shirts, hats, and socks. We also watched a slide show where every camper was shown in it, and it had the campers cheering and laughing during it.

After the banquet, we all went up to the fire pit where we sat around and if campers wanted to they could talk about camp and their favorite memories. It was awesome to see campers open up about camp and the memories they are going to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Today, we said goodbye to all first session campers. It was very emotionally for counselors and campers. We had campers on the bus heading to New Jersey and Boston, some who had flights to catch, and the rest had their parents come to pick them up. It is always sad to see the campers go, but we know they had fun during camp and hopefully will come back next year!

We want to thank the parents for letting us care and teach your children for the past 3 weeks because we had a blast! We also want to thank all the campers for a great session, and for teaching us too! We hope to see you next year!

Have a great rest of your summer first session! Onto the second session!

2nd Day of Color War!

Today was dedicated to Color War! We had our hockey games! The games were very competitive, and fun to watch! Each player worked hard for their team, and many demonstrated good sportsmanship! All the goalies played very well, making some awesome saves! The players were passing extremely well, and taking shots.

We also had our track and field events, tug-a-war, Jeopardy, and a cook-off! In the track and field events, they ran relays, 100’s, 400’s, and more! They also had to throw a football and had a cross country race as well. The Jeopardy games got very intense with teams yelling out the answers and sometimes they were correct and sometimes they were not. The Jeopardy games were also very close in the score as well! We had a cook-off between the different ages and teams, and for the most part, it was a success! There was only one counselor who spit out the food!

Overall, today was a good day! It was sunny for most of the day and it started to rain in the afternoon, but the campers were able to enjoy the outdoors for almost the whole day!

Wish the campers luck tomorrow at the relay race!!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope you have a great Friday!

Stay tuned for more on Color War tomorrow!

Color War is Here!

Color War has officially started!! A couple of days before announcing Color War, we told the campers that a professional athlete was coming to visit the camp. They were super excited because they couldn’t wait to see who the surprise athlete was. So today, we got a limousine to drive up to the soccer field, and the driver got out and put a red carpet on the turf for the people in the car to walk on. Once the driver opened the door, out popped our Color War Captains yelling “Color War is here!” All the campers started cheering and getting excited! We have two teams, the red team is the Toronto Raptors and the blue team is the St. Louis Blues. All the campers learned which team they were on, and we split each age division in half for it.

Also, to kick off the Color War, we had our All Division Dodgeball Game! The Raptors won in the Pro and Rookie division, but the Blues won in the Senior division.

After the Dodgeball game, all the campers went to their majors where they did skill competitions. Each division competed against their own division. In hockey, we had the fastest skater as a competition, and another one where each player got 3 pucks and they would have to score on a goalie. At the end of the major, we had 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 games. The rest of the campers had fun competing against each other at their major! The rest of the day was dedicated to campers doing different competitions such as soccer, cricket, handball, kickball, and basketball with their different divisions!

Here is an update on the past few days. On Monday we had a normal day where all the campers were following their own schedules and going to their majors and minors. Yesterday, all the Rookies and Pros went to Funtown Splashtown, and the Seniors went on a rafting trip. All the campers who went to Funtown Splashtown had a great time! They loved all the rides, and eating Dipping Dots! They also had fun in the water park where they could race each other down slides or use a tube to go down a big water slide. The Seniors also had a great time on their trip and they ended it by going to McDonald’s.

Tomorrow we will continue the Color War with more competitions! We will also end the Color War with a huge relay race as well!

Thank you for reading the blog, and I hope you had a great day!

Keep a lookout for updates on Color War tomorrow!

U15 Flag Football Game

It was a gorgeous Lazy Bones Sunday! The sun was out and barely any clouds in the sky, and my favorite part, there was hardly any humidity out! With all those combinations, it made the perfect Sunday for the campers!

All the campers slept in until morning Line-up at 10:00, and if they wanted breakfast they could have donuts, yogurt, cereal, toast, and fruit. After breakfast, we had Free Time where the campers could go to the soccer and baseball fields, basketball court, street hockey, Gaga Pit, and Arts and Crafts. There were even some campers who went waterskiing because they haven’t gone yet. Up on the soccer field, there were campers who were playing World Cup, and some lacrosse campers who were taking shots on the goal. On the courts, there were 3 v 3 games, shooting, 1 v 1, and campers working on getting better. On the baseball field, there were campers and counselors batting and catching. There were even some campers in Arts and Crafts making objects out of Perler Beads. There also was a group at the Gaga Pit who had fun playing against other campers. At 11:00 we had the Women’s World Cup on for the campers and counselors to watch.

After lunch, we had our Rest Hour before the home U15 Flag Football game. All the campers went and watched the game for the first half. Both camps played very well, but our opponents ended up winning. We had 2 quarterbacks and both threw very well and helped us get multiple touchdowns. All our players had good hands and caught the football many times. While the Flag Football game was going on we had our counselor versus campers softball game, and we decided to mix campers and counselors together.
After both games, we had Line-up where the campers found out they could go to the waterfront and still go to the places they went this morning to have fun. There were a few campers who went to the waterfront and played in the water. There was a big game of World Cup on the soccer field, and we even had a counselor teaching a couple of campers how to play field hockey. We also had some campers batting at the baseball fields and some campers at the Gaga Pit. A big group of campers went to Arts and Crafts to make cool art projects.

Once dinner was over, all the campers got their phones back to call home or their friends. After their phone calls, the Rookies headed up to Humanities to have some fun before heading to bed. We also had a U12 Kick Ball game and we beat the other camp! All the campers in the game had fun and demonstrated great sportsmanship.

Overall, today was a good day because we were able to sleep in and the campers were outside enjoying the sun and free time.

Tomorrow is a normal schedule, but on Tuesday we are going to Fun Town Splash Town!

Thank you for reading the blog, and hopefully, you had a sunny Sunday!

Until tomorrow

Hockey Game Day

Today was a busy day for the campers because we had different tournaments against other camps all day! We had lacrosse, hockey, and basketball.

We were able to sleep in a bit, so we had no BSL. We had our U15 hockey game, and all the campers who were still at camp went and cheered on the team before their first period. They played against a local hockey organization in Maine. We won 8-3, and all the players played amazingly. During the third period, our team got a penalty shot, and the other team’s goalie saved it. One camper scored from their backhand and hit the top shelf on the opponent’s goalie, which got the crowd wild! Both teams played very well and had a great game.

Towards the end of the hockey game, many campers left because they had their majors and minors to go. The soccer players had competition between two teams where they had to get to a certain number of goals and whichever team was the fastest to reach the number wins. The losing team had to run to the 50-yard line and back. The baseball players also had a competition between 2 teams. They played a mini baseball game where all the players were in the infield and if they hit it to the outfield then that would be a home run. In basketball, they also had a competition where each team had to get up to a certain number of baskets faster than the other team.

For lunch, we had sandwiches with chips, the pasta bar, and the salad bar. After lunch, we had our rest hour, and the U12 hockey game was right after. We played the same team as this morning, but we lost this time. It was still a good game, and every shift the boys worked hard. One of our campers scored the first goal of the game by taking it coast to coast and shooting top shelf which had his team and fellow campers cheering loudly.

We canceled our last period because it was going to rain. So, we watched movies instead. The Pros watched Aquaman. They all enjoyed the movie and played Pictionary afterward before dinner.

We had our Saturday Night Cookout again, so the campers ate burgers, hotdogs, bratwursts, pasta salad, and watermelon. We also learned that the lacrosse players won 1 game and lost 2, and the basketball players won 1 and lost 1. All the campers enjoyed playing and working hard. After dinner, they enjoy their free time at the basketball gym, soccer and baseball fields, or in Humanities. Then it is off to get ready for bed!

Everyone is excited for tomorrow because of the late wake-up and donuts!

Huge thanks for the Maine hockey team for coming together today and playing us! We appreciate it!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and hopefully, you did not get rained on!

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

Casino Night!

Casino night is here! Everyone is so excited and could not wait for it! Everyone is dressed up and looking good to win some money at Blackjack and various other games!
Before casino night, we had a regular day. BSL was in the morning, and different sport games against other camps as well.

All the periods went extremely well, and the campers who were here had fun! It was a hot day out, but the campers lathered up on sunscreen and drank lots of water! In the first period, the hockey players worked on 1 v 1, passing, skating, and shooting.

In the second period, the soccer players worked on passing and played fun games at the end of practice. The baseball players worked on catching and throwing to first base or third base. There also was a flag football game happening as well where all the campers had fun catching and running for a touchdown.

In the third period, the hockey players had a scrimmage, and we had a counselor put on his goalie gear so we could have an extra goalie to shoot on. The counselor challenged all the campers and helped them get better at finding the open holes to show where to shoot.

In the fourth period, we had different minors. We had weight training, basketball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, flag football, and street hockey. In weight training, they worked on arms, and in basketball, the campers had fun playing Knockout. The baseball minors had fun playing a game where they were in a circle and had to catch the ball then throw it up into the air, and tap it to another camper. If the camper did not catch the ball then they were out. In volleyball, the campers had fun spiking the ball around.

Many of the campers enjoyed the waterfront because it felt nice to jump into the water on such a hot day. During Choose-up, we had our U15 Flag Football tryouts, and a lot of the boys made some great catches and throws. In Line-up we had 2 campers tell jokes, and the second camper got the bucket of water.

For dinner, we had mac and cheese, cornbread, and pulled pork sandwiches. After dinner, we are having our casino night where all the campers dress up and are given fake money and can play and bet on different games such as Plinko, Blackjack, War, horse racing, and many more. All the campers are having a blast playing the games and winning! Once their time is up at the casino then it is straight to bed for the campers.

Wish them luck at the casino games!

I hope you all had a great couple of days and thank you for reading the blog!

Until tomorrow!