Sunday ,July 16

Arrival Day Session Two!

Hello, who’s ready for fun content for the summer? If you haven’t been following social media, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Brenda Cruz from Cancun, Mexico. I’ll take photos of your kiddos during this session and create the most amazing memories.

Feel free to reach out on Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok. Make sure you follow us so you don’t miss out on anything. Photos will be available on Campanion. I’ll try my best to upload them every night. Also, I’ll write this blog to share our activities.

Arrival day was a bit rainy, but we got everyone to their dorms and started unpacking. Campers were excited to meet their roommates and see old friends.

On day one we did rotations for the BSL combine and swim test. All campers had Majors meetings. After the lineup, they had some free play. They had showers and lights off. We are ready for the best summer ever!

Friday, July 14

Hello! Last day Session One recap.

Sorry for the delay on this blog days just flew by after our last day. I wanted to write about our amazing campers for session one. Hard to forget the first day they arrived. Everyone was nervous and excited at the same time.

I’m so grateful for every single moment we spent together. You truly have the most wonderful kids. At some point, it felt like I had 140 little brothers. Talented at their majors and funny to be around. Meals were surrounded by laughter every day.

The last day was such a bittersweet moment. We had a special banquet, photoshoot, and a slide show with all the best moments of the past three weeks. Rookies called out every camper that showed up and cheered on all counselors.

Then we had pros and seniors. It was a great last meal together. After that, we had our closing campfire. Kiddos got to sing and win BSC merch. They had a good night’s sleep and got ready to leave.

The morning was full of happy tears, mostly from me. Glad I met some of you guys. Thanks for following our journey. Hope to see you next year!

Wednesday, July 12

Hello! Day eighteen recap.

We woke up a little late and had breakfast by divisions. The day began with a Pro/Senior Dodgeball and Hockey game for Color War. Nuggets won by 3 points.

Afterward came lunch and a bunch of activities for the afternoon. My favorite of them was the Cook-Off! Fun to watch but not to judge. Kids would get random ingredients to create a unique dish. Some of them were Twinkies, tortillas, jam, and cheese balls. Yummy right?

BSL Championship for pros and seniors was after dinner. Kiddos had a last day of free play. One more day left!

Wednesday, July 12

Hello! Day seventeen recap.

The weather was perfect for our first day of Color War! The kiddos had a late wakeup followed by breakfast. We did some cleanup and majors.

For Color War, the camp is divided in half and assigned to two teams: Nuggets and Kights. It’s been a camp tradition for the last three days with lots of fun. Campers can work on their skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Afternoon activities included handball, soccer, basketball, and kickball. After dinner, the boys had ice cream night. The highlight of the day was the Senior and Counselor hockey game! Counselors got the win. It was a good time for everyone.

Monday, July 10

Hello! Day sixteen recap.

We were overcast all morning here at BSC and still managed to finish all the majors. In the ice rink, the boys did offensive and transition defense drills. Basketball worked on passing ball handling drills. Baseball players watch the greatest hits.

After lunch, we had a rookie hockey intercamp against Camp Wildwood. What a game! Kiddos were excited to get on the ice and show their skills. Pros and Seniors came to watch and cheer.

We also had a visit from Kent’s Hill girls to watch an exceptional show that revealed the beginning of the Color War. Campers got hyped. Let the games begin!

Sunday, July 9

Hello! Day fifteen recap.

Lazy Bones Sunday! The boys slept an extra couple of hours after a week of hard work. We had our classic Dunkin’ Donuts in the cafeteria. It was a chill morning for everyone. Pros did a hike to Hawk Mountain. They enjoyed exploring nature outside of camp.

After lunch, the pros and rookies got their phones back to call their parents. Seniors played corn hole out on the football field. Getting ready for our last days here at BSC!

Saturday, July 8

Hello! Day fourteen recap.

It was an active and sunny morning here at camp. Kiddos had majors and minors. A lot of fun playing on the football field and enjoying a hot day. For choose-up, campers tested their skills with baseball, tennis, and soccer. And fishing crew had 14 catches and releases. Boys can do anything!

At the lineup, we gave special prices for our casino night winners and best outfits. After dinner, we had an underdog-win game at BSL with Coach Markus. I loved the celebration photos. These memories will last forever.

Friday, July 7

Hello! Day thirteen recap.

Incredible Friday back at camp! The morning was quite normal, everyone went to their majors. It was a hot day, so campers were exhausted by noon. Although they had lots of water, Koop and Jacob wanted to freshen things up. So we ate lunch and had a water day!

Kiddos had time to be at the waterfront and the rink. My favorite part? The slip and slide! I’m sure you’ll laugh when you see all the photos. They even grabbed the GoPro to record some funny videos. All smiles for this summer.

That’s not all. Our 13U Kickball team won at intercamp! For dinner, we ate barbecue chicken, mac and cheese, and broccoli. I know some of you were worried about picky eaters but everyone has been doing a great job eating healthy! The weekend is looking good.

Thursday, July 6

Hello! Day twelve recap.

Funtown Splashtown Day! We needed a break from all the hard work everyone has been doing. Early morning we had breakfast and jumped right into the busses. Kiddos spread into groups of five with two counselors just in case anyone wanted to skip a ride.

Once we settle into our tent, the fun started to kick in. Some campers went to the splash park first and others went to the amusement park. The boys tested their fears on some of the rides.

Lots of water and sunscreen! After that, we got a last splash and campers got to buy some snacks. Then pizza for dinner! By this time kiddos were tired but their happy faces said it all. Just a few days left of camp. I’m going to miss all of them!

Wednesday, July 5

Hello! Day eleven recap.

It was a gorgeous sunny day at Bridgton Sports Camp! We had majors all morning. Hockey players worked on puck control and some drills. Basketball practice offense and defense. Soccer majors focused on passing and making plays with minimal area.

The highlight of the day was our baseball teams 15U and 12u won at intercamp! To top that, Sam Broder got a no-hitter when he was pitching. Love the talent and skills campers are getting every day.

I also went back to the waterfront and fished with the boys. Being out in the water was so relaxing on a hot day. After dinner, we played BSL games. And to end the night seniors took off on their rafting trip!