Thursday June 27

Day five at BSC was a whirlwind of excitement and achievements!

We kicked off the day with a thrilling basketball intercamp competition, where our team clinched 3rd place. The kids were over the moon with excitement, celebrating their hard-earned success.

The energy didn’t stop there. The kiddos played lacrosse and street hockey, showcasing their athletic skills and having a blast with their friends.

I took a detour to the arts and crafts area, where the kids were immersed in creativity. They had a fantastic time painting and building adorable raccoon cages with sand. Their smiles and laughter filled the room, making it a heartwarming visit.

Later, I headed to the waterfront to capture some amazing moments of the kids tubing in the lake. The joy on their faces as they bounced over the waves was priceless. Other campers enjoyed kayaking and fishing, with the thrill of catching twelve fish adding to the day’s excitement.

It was a great day filled with fun, achievements, and unforgettable memories. We’re all eagerly looking forward to the weekend and more adventures ahead!

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