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Monday, July 4

Happy Fourth of July Bridgton Sports Camp friends and families! This morning a group of our campers competed in the annual Bridgton Four on the Fourth race. Accompanied by counselors, a group of BSC campers from all age groups gave their best effort on a four mile course bright and early in the morning before most campers had even started their day. Back at camp we had a traditional Monday consisting of majors, snack, lineup, choose up and Bridgton Sports league games in the evening. On the diamond campers practiced infield outfield drills and then competed in a drill called the gauntlet to practice ground balls. In the gym basketball players started with defensive drills then moved into finishing with combination moves and finished with five on fives. On the ice our hockey campers played three on three after working on skating in small groups. The lacrosse players worked on inside finishing and began the first day of light contact play. Our soccer majors worked on ball handling and also ran a scrimmage. As the sun went down the boys continued competing in BSL. After free play it was lights out in Bridgton. We’re looking forward to tomorrow!

Sunday, July 3

The first lazy bones Sunday of the year has arrived. On Sunday we let the boys sleep in an extra couple of hours and provide Dunkin’ Donuts in the cafeteria. Afterwards we put together a special morning BSL game. Following lunch the pros and rookies got their phones back to contact their parents and recap the week. In the afternoon we took one of our favorite trips to Portland to cheer on the Portland Sea Dogs. It was a picturesque night with a Sea Dogs win and a firework show after the game. As I write this the boys are tired out on the bus comparing the autographs they got and talking about the week. After a relaxing weekend with different schedules to switch things up for the campers we are all feeling refreshed. Tomorrow we go back to a regular wake up with majors and minors as usual.

Saturday, July 2

It’s the first BSC weekend and we could not be happier reflecting back on the previous days. After a great first week full of hard work and accomplishment from our campers we decided to mix things up and let the campers get some much needed time to cool off with water activities. In the morning the boys spent two hours with their major coaches going over what they completed and discussing the game plan for the next week. In the afternoon we had three stations that the campers rotated through. Down at the lake campers went tubing and had a free swim. Up on the turf there was a slip n slide set up along with spike ball games. And last but not least a free skate with music playing out on the ice. When our campers work as hard as this group has it is awesome to see them letting loose and having fun on a sunny day. Seniors got their phones back in the evening to call home and catch up while our pro and rookie divisions had a movie night. Tomorrow we will be traveling to watch a Sea dogs game in Portland and watch a firework show. From all of us over here at Bridgton Sports Camp we wish you and your family a happy Fourth of July weekend.

Friday, July 1

It’s been a fantastic Friday at Bridgton Sports Camp. The sun was out and the boys are all smiles. Our hockey majors continued their edge work while focusing on puck control and carried both skills over to a scrimmage in the afternoon. On the baseball diamond the campers participated in a base race to test speeds and worked on their pitching in the bullpen and then had a scrimmage at the end of practice. Lacrosse majors switched their focus from offense to defense today paying close attention to their stances. In basketball players worked on their footwork and finishing with their off hand. On the pitch the soccer majors completed power shooting drills before having an all out scrimmage. The meal of the day was lunch which consisted of pulled pork sandwiches and mac and cheese. BSL took place as the sun was setting. The laughs and shouts from the turf could be heard all the way at the bottom of the hill. We have an exciting weekend coming up with two sleep-in days to ensure our campers and counselors alike are getting plenty of rest.

Thursday, June 30

Today was a great day at BSC for a number of reasons. One: laundry came back so they boys are all looking and feeling fresh. Two: for dinner we ate barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli and every camper’s favorite: garlic knots. And three: BSL is as competitive as ever with no teams clearly pulling away yet the competition is setting up to be steep all the way through the playoffs. The baseball boys broke out the radar gun to test their bat speed and throwing speeds. They also played a rousing game of groundball knockout. Lacrosse players transitioned from their skill work to shooting drills as they continue to nail down their essentials. Over on the ice we had a guest coach sharpening the boys’ edgework and developing their power skating skills. It is always a treat to have a new coach working with the boys offering a fresh perspective. On the pitch soccer majors worked on their movement off the ball, short range passing and then transitioned into various scrimmage scenarios. In basketball the boys continued their circle ball handling and practiced boxing out. During choose up we had a box lacrosse clinic in the street hockey rink. We also put up the anticipated weight room leaderboard which prompts campers and counselors to set records in simple calisthenic exercises like push ups, dips, planks, wall sits and pull ups. We are nearing the end of the first week and there is a lot to look forward to coming up, namely the Sea Dogs game. Stay tuned for more BSC news!

Wednesday, June 29

Today was a quintessential day for Bridgton Sports Camp. Lacrosse maintained their focus on skill and stick work while basketball went live with some one on one and three on three games. Soccer worked on combination drills and played a counselor versus camper scrimmage. To no surprise the counselor team was dominant however we expect this to change by the end of camp. Baseball worked on passing, fielding and concluded with a scrimmage. There was a scrimmage in hockey today as well that ended in a close score with great competitive effort from both sides. The dinner tonight was tacos which are always a camper favorite. BSL continued with the second day of intense competition. There are no clear teams pulling ahead yet but we will keep you updated on night four. You can’t complete a perfect day at Bridgton Sports Camp without a campfire to bring everyone together. Every year we pass out small pieces of wood and the campers are asked to write a couple goals they have for this summer. These goals are often relating to athletic endeavors but we encourage the campers to also set goals to improve teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and kindness. At the first camp fire a camper from each age division shares their own definition of each of these traits. On the last night of camp during the closing campfire the campers will throw their piece of wood into the fire if they feel they’ve completed their goal. This tradition has been with us since the beginning of Bridgton Sports Camp and underscores how important we find character development to be in any young person. After the goal setting was explained s’mores were enjoyed by campers and counselors alike. As the fire turned to embers the boys headed down to bed ready for the busy days to come. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 28

Today was a big day for Bridgton Sports Camp. BSL has officially commenced and with the implementation of new games and well balanced teams consisting of campers from each age division, we are ready for spirited competition. Lacrosse majors worked on their passing and defense. Basketball majors had their first live game this afternoon and the campers were thrilled. In both basketball and lacrosse the coaches gathered footage in order to review later and improve on technical skills. The hockey off ice training was very tiring consisting of sprints and a push-up challenge. The lake was glassy and the sun was shining down at the waterfront. The boys went tubing today and we are proud to say that not a single camper was able to hold on for the entire duration of the period. During choose up our minor coaches put together mini games and challenges to give the campers an opportunity to improve at their sport in a less intense environment than majors. We are expecting great weather for tomorrow and we will be continuing full steam ahead with majors and BSL.

Monday, June 27

Today was the second full day of camp and the majors are in full swing. We had a bit of rainy weather in the morning but this only impacted us for thirty minutes. After lunch the clouds broke and the sun was shining in Maine. In basketball the majors focused strictly on ball handling, passing and defense. The hockey majors did edge work and ran some speed skating drills. Out on the baseball diamond players worked on passing and agility. The day consisted of fundamentals in all of our majors and minors as we get the campers prepared to work on more advanced skills. In the afternoon a professional pickle ball coach visited Bridgton to teach our rookie campers the ins and outs of the sport. Pro and Senior divisions joined the demonstration following dinner. With counselors stationed around the campus we opened the fields gym and Wolverine Den for free time for the last hour of the day. The rain was a minor setback and will bring us a week of cooler temperatures and sunny skies. Tomorrow BSL begins and the campers couldn’t be more excited.

Sunday, June 26

It is the first full day of camp and we could not have asked for more beautiful weather. The main focus today was introduction and organization. Hockey, baseball and lacrosse players took their equipment to their locker rooms and went over a few rules with veteran counselors. Each division rotated through several games such as cricket, dodgeball and kickball. In the afternoon the campers each took a water safety test down at the lake which provided a perfect opportunity for everyone to cool off after their busy morning. Following lunch the campers enjoyed a rest hour, finished unpacking and continued getting to know their roommates.

The campers were excited to receive their weekly schedules today that contain all of the activities they will be participating in this summer. After they got the chance to compare their different periods and ask questions we continued on with more activities. Our basketball counselors hosted a pickup game on the outdoor courts while the hockey counselors put together mini games at the street hockey rink. Down at the iconic Wolve’s Den campers played ping pong, cards and pool.

In the evening the campers participated in a skills combine in order to form the teams for one of our most anticipated daily events: Bridgton Sports League (BSL). During this league campers play ‘tennis-baseball,’ gaga, handball, ultimate frisbee and cricket. The teams are composed of campers from all age divisions. BSL exposes campers to different sporting events while introducing them to new friends and almost always creates spirited competition.

The last item on day one’s itinerary was teaching the campers about one of our most cherished traditions: line up. During lineup counselors summarize what took place throughout the day while shouting out campers who performed admirably in their sport or demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship.

The evening brought some much needed cooler temperatures and time for the campers to wind down. Day one is in the books and we couldn’t be more excited to jump into the regular schedule tomorrow.

Saturday, June 25

I walked around camp this morning on the way up to the office. The facility is in amazing shape and the only problem is that it was too quiet. In a few hours that will change as campers arrive from all over the world to have an amazing 3 week experience at Bridgton Sports Camp. We have spent the past week at camp working with a talented and eager staff in preparation today. We are ready…..BRING ON THE CAMPERS!