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Very Sunny Day in Bridgton

We woke up to cloudy skies today, but that quickly changed to a sunny, bright, beautiful day! It got up to 80 degrees today! All the athletes on the turf and baseball fields were working very hard through the heat, but they were getting multiple water breaks to help!

Once again the campers had BSL in the morning with their different teams after breakfast. All the teams did a great job competing and all had good sportsmanship.

After BSL, many campers had their majors and minors. Some campers went to the waterfront for waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. The campers found the water a bit chilly, but that all changed when they were in the water having fun. They each were on the boards for a long time riding the waves and getting used to being back in the water.

For the second period, the campers had their majors and minors again. The soccer players were having fun passing the ball around and doing a scrimmage, the lacrosse players were doing a drill to help them get better at shooting on net, and the hockey players were split up into a couple of groups doing different stations such as shooting on the goalie or becoming better skaters. In weight training,

they focused on abs and legs today, and the campers pushed themselves to be better. It also helped that the two counselors running it were supportive and motivated the campers to keep pushing themselves.

After lunch, we had a rest period where many of the campers went and took a quick nap or they played some board games. The Rookies had a lot of fun playing Battleship, Uno, and Sorry with their counselors and fellow Rookies. They were having tons of fun playing and relaxing together!

When the third period came, the campers went back to their majors and minors. The hockey players had a big scrimmage where there were some great goals, both goalies played very well making some awesome saves, and plenty of communication between the players.

During the fourth period, there was a van that took some campers to a driving range down the road. All the campers doing golf had a blast hitting some line drives and trying golf for the first time. There was so much improvement from the start to the end of the session because a counselor was helping them.

We did have Choose Up today where the campers have to choose an activity or go to different activities outside. Many campers like to go to the water especially on really hot days. A lot of the campers went to Spike Ball where they would team up and play the team that won. There were 2 counselors who kept winning, so everyone wanted to beat them. Those 2 counselors lost their streak to another set of counselors.

For dinner, we had fried chicken, cooked broccoli, and potatoes along with the pasta bar and salad bar. After dinner, the campers have free time, but today we decided to do a campfire to roast marshmallows and have fun together as one big camp.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and I hope you have an awesome night!

First Rainy Day

We did not get much sunlight today as it was cloudy and rainy all day but that did not stop the campers from having fun and making the most out of the day!

In the morning the campers were able to participate in BSL (Bridgton Sports League) with their teams. The Seniors and Pros either played kickball, dodgeball, or handball while the Rookies played spike ball, handball, or in the Gaga Pit. The campers had a lot of fun competing against their friends and roommates.

After BSL, the campers went to their first period of majors and minors. The lacrosse majors learned how to do a three-man weave, baseball majors were able to do some batting practice, and hockey majors were playing some mini-games on the ice.

During the second period, the basketball majors had a great warmup which was passing the ball to a counselor and doing a layup. After doing that they grabbed 2 balls and dribbled with both hands doing different drills lead by 2 counselors, and learned some new ones as well.

When the campers were eating lunch, they were told that all afternoon/evening major and minors were canceled because it was going to start raining. But they were very excited to hear that rest hour was extended! All hockey majors still went on the ice for their sessions though. Instead of going to their activities we had the three groups rotate going to the gym for some dodgeball and other fun games, arts and crafts, and the Humanities building which holds the fun games campers like such as pool and ping pong. We also had the Women’s FIFA World Cup and the Incredibles 2 playing.

For dinner, we had our world famous tacos where the campers could choose between a soft and hard shell. Everyone seemed excited for Taco Tuesdays again.

After dinner is the big dodgeball game against another local camp. This is the first time this summer we are going against them.

Wish us luck!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope your day was sunny and bright!

Until tomorrow

First Official Day

Today was a very successful first day of camp! The sun was out, there was a slight breeze, and smiling campers and counselors.

Once everyone woke up and had breakfast, the campers went to their major. Everyone was excited to hit the ice, court, and fields for some fun and to tune up their skills. The lacrosse campers were learning how to pass the ball using their left and right hand, the soccer campers learned how to change direction and some new footwork, and the baseball players met the coach for either the first time or again.

Before lunch, all the campers did their swim test down at the lake. The lake was a bit chilly, but they still had fun swimming and treading water. With the help of the amazing waterfront counselors, and the head of the waterfront, Jake Bookspan, everything ran smoothly and the campers had fun.
After lunch, many of the campers went to their various minors such as soccer, lacrosse, fishing, waterskiing, and many more. The hockey players were able to get on the ice and practice. They focused on edge work and getting used to being on the ice again.

During lineup, a camper told a joke and if the campers did not like the joke, water would be dumped on his head. His joke:

Why is dark spelling with a K and not a C?
-Because you cannot see in the dark.

This resulted in the camper getting soaked with water while the rest of the campers were laughing and having fun.

For dinner, we had steak, rice, grilled vegetables, and rolls. Don’t worry, many of the campers had the grilled vegetables! We also had the pasta bar and a salad bar as usual. For dessert, we had a popsicle.

Now, the campers are enjoying their free time at the Gaga Pit, street hockey, up at the field, or in their dorm.

All the campers are looking forward to getting more time doing their majors and minors tomorrow, and possibly changing their minors as they are exploring different sports and finding out they like them!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope you had a great Monday!

Until next blog!
Keara Chaperon

Move in Day

Today marks the first day of Bridgton Sports Camp’s first session!

All the campers came in excited and ready for the summer! With the help of their parents and other counselors, the campers unpacked, made their beds, making Bridgton their home for the next 3 weeks.

After unpacking, many campers went to the Gaga Pit for some fun and to catch up with their friends from last summer. Some campers were even able to try out and play in the brand new street hockey arena we have! While others went to play soccer and basketball to keep up their skills.
Many campers came to greet their friends off the bus. After bringing all their belongings to their room and unpacking, many joined the campers at the Gaga Pit for one big, fun game.

Before dinner line-up was called where the director of Bridgton Sports Camp, Brian Kooperman, spoke to all the campers and counselors, then we split into our age groups and did some fun activities. Rookies played a game of intense kickball, Pros played ultimate Frisbee and kickball, and Seniors played handball.

For dinner, we had chicken fingers, fries, salad, and ravioli and not to mention brownies! After dinner, everyone had free time and a chance to have some down time before Monday comes.

We are very excited for the first week of camp and to see the campers’ progress on and off the field/ice!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope you have a great day!

Until tomorrow!
Keara Chaperon

BSC 2019 beings tomorrow

BSC Parents,
We’re ready! I am very impressed with the young men/women that over the past week have been in orientation preparing for your children’s arrival tomorrow. It always amazes me how quickly our large returning staff integrates with the new counselors. Over the course of orientation they all realize what BSC is all about. Of course they all have talent and are eager to help your children improve in their major but just as important, our staff is ready to take care of your child and give them an incredible 3 week experience. always please call/email with any questions or just to check-in.
Let the 2019 camp season begin!

August 1st – Color War Day 1

Another great day here in Bridgton, Maine as today was the first day of color war!

In the morning, campers went to their majors where they played different skill-based games for points. Every major was out of 21 points which were given out based on who won the competitions as well solid displays of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is one of the five values that are on each camper’s bandana along with loyalty, kindness, teamwork and friendship. Here at BSC, we do our best to teach campers to live by these values in their everyday lives.

In the afternoon, the three age groups rotated between different sports. The sports were basketball, soccer, handball and cricket. The highlight of the day was the senior basketball game. After a back and forth game, the Capitals were down one with five seconds remaining. They were inbounding from under their own basket where they rolled the ball to one of their players who then ran the length of the court and drilled a game winning, buzzer beating 3 pointer! It was one of the best games of any sport I’ve seen all summer.

At the end of day one, the Warriors hold a 191-152 lead over the Capitals. Color war continues until Friday where many more points are still up for grabs. Keep on checking back for more updates!

Until next time,


Color War Break

Color War Has Been Broken!! – The pros and seniors experienced this last night and the rookies early this morning. Here’s a little recap of how it all went down….

The Midnight Surprise

For the professional and senior divisions, we woke the campers up at midnight and ushered them up to the turf fields. Tiki Torches lit the pathway up to the field where counselors were waiting. Spotlights shined on the 50 yard line as all the kids gathered around. After a few minutes of discussing color war and what it means at camp, we decided to have some fun…We then told them that it was a “fake break” and said they had to go back to bed.

Just as everyone began to head down the hill, there was a big commotion amongst the counselors. A fake argument occurred between an admin and a counselor about waking the campers up so late. There was absolute silence before we yelled we were kidding. And as that happened, the spotlights went back on and color war banners were dropped from the top of the tower for all to see. The campers went nuts and started yelling. Campers and counselors then headed to the gym for a game of dodgeball for the first points of color war! After going down early, the Capitals staged an unbelievable comeback and ended up taking the first event of color war before going back to their dorms for the night.

Munchkins’ & Gaga

For the rookie division, campers were awakened at 8 a.m. to music being played by the color war captains! Every morning, Marty, the rookie division leader odes a room buddy check before heading to breakfast. This morning he added one room at the end and that’s when the captains came running out. Everyone then sprinted out of the dorm and followed the captains to everyone’s favorite place on campus; The Gaga-Pit. Before the game began, each camper was given some Munchkins by Koop. Then , the 2 teams took to the pit to play a best of five series. In the end, the Warriors took the series by a score of 3-2. After dodgeball from last night, and gaga this morning, we begin the day all tied up!

The competitive spirit is in the air here at BSC now more than ever! Stay tuned for much more to come.

Until next time,


July 31st

A great day here at BSC as today was our last day following a normal schedule. (Color War begins tonight)

Throughout the day, campers went to their major and minor periods. Today, I had the opportunity to be on the wakeboard and waterskiing boat as well as on the archery field. On the archery field, there were only a few campers but one had never tried it before. After struggling with the first few attempts, he finally hit the target and was able to do so for the remainder of the period. I challenged another camper at archery to hit a bullseye. This is obviously not an easy task as the bullseye target is quite small. That being said, he managed to hit the target and earned a shout out at lineup!

During choose up, we had our first night of the BSL playoffs! The rookie division played dodgeball in the basketball gym for their semifinals. The professionals and seniors on the other hand played capture the flag in the quarterfinals of their bracket.

After dinner, we had a magician come to camp! All age groups were able to see Norman the Magician perform at the chapel as tonight’s evening activity. It was pretty cool and I was really impressed.

Tomorrow we’ll fill you in on how we just broke color war (literally just a few minutes ago), so be sure to keep reading for daily recaps!

Until next time,


July 30th – Intercamp

A beautiful day up here in Bridgton, Maine!

The theme of Monday was intercamp as we had four different games take place throughout the day. The first was a 15U baseball game held on our baseball field against West End House Camp. After going down 2-0 early, the guys rallied together and ended up blowing West End out by a final score of 14-2.

Campers also participated in a 13U soccer game and a 13U basketball game. The soccer game was at Wigwam where everyone played hard to earn a 6-3 victory. On the other hand, the basketball game didn’t go in our favor but after going down early, the boys played the other team even for the rest of the game.

Back at camp, at choose up, campers and counselors played in a camper v. counselor soccer game! It was great to see everyone running around and having fun as the counselors ended up winning (again) the game by a score of 6-4.

Finally, at night, BSC played host to the highly-anticipated Bridgton v. Micah Bridgton Basketball Classic. Everyone in the stands from BSC wore white as the bleachers were packed with campers from both Bridgton and Micah. BSC took an early lead in the game and held onto it going into halftime. However, after halftime, Micah began to make a comeback and cut the lead to five. BSC then began to pull away and ended up winning the game 41-27. Every year, this game is one of most hyped-up events of the session and, once again, it did not disappoint.

As always, thanks for reading. Next up…COLOR WAR!

Until next time,


July 29th – Final Lazy Bones Sunday

It’s hard to believe this, but today was already our last Lazy Bones Sunday of the session! Campers and counselors had the chance to sleep in as breakfast was held at the dining hall from 9-10 before a brief lineup at 10:30.

After lineup, we held a camper v. counselor lacrosse game up on the turf field! From hockey players to lacrosse players, anyone who wanted to play put on gear. Unfortunately (for the campers), the counselors ended up winning the game by a score of 5-4. That being said, it was great to see campers using what they’ve learned in major against the counselors who taught them those skills!

In the afternoon, the three age groups rotated between three different activities. The activities were swimming at the waterfront, a slip and slide on the fields, and handball and kickball up on the fields as well.

At night, we had another night of the regular season of BSL. The rookie teams played four square above the tennis courts while the professionals and seniors played kickball, newcomb, and handball.

Anticipation is in the air here at BSC as the BSL playoffs and color war are right around the corner!

Until next time,