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Saturday, August 5

Hello! Final Camp Blog 2023.

Where to begin? In the blink of an eye, we wrapped up seven amazing weeks. The last few days at camp were all smiles, laughter, and fun moments that will stay in my heart forever.

One of my favorite moments was our traditional campfire with the whole camp singing wagon wheel. Everyone hugged as a big family around the fire. The next day we did the final banquet. They saw a photo slide show to recap what we did throughout the session. Rookies, as usual, cheer on their counselors.

I’m beyond grateful for this unbelievable summer. It was my pleasure being there to capture every special moment around your kiddos. I remember the first night we had a few tears here and there. So I stayed talking to them on my “homesick couch” about how hard being away from is and how brave they were.

I showed one of them all the photos and videos I did with the last session so he could look forward, trying to explain my job at camp when he said: No, your job is not only photos and videos. You also help us feel better and make us smile. I also cried with him at that moment. We hugged it out and went back to sleep.

Last but not least. I want to say we had the best team of counselors, admins, and coaches. It was THE dream team. Some days I would say to myself, is this my job? How lucky we were to be at BSC. I would wake up every morning happy and motivated to see everyone around.

Tuesday, August 1

Hello! Day sixteen recap.

Majors carry out successfully during the morning. Campers put in lots of effort on the last “normal” day. Baseball and Lacrosse players played mini scrimmages. Basketball focused on communication running through three-on-three games. Hockey practiced their stick handling and shooting drills.

After lunch, we hit the road to our sister camp Kents Hill for the afternoon. Kiddos saw a magic show and had some free play. They had a great time out in the fields. For dinner, we had mac and cheese and chicken. Everyone enjoyed a good sunset before we went back to BSC.

Monday, July 31

Hello! Day fifteen recap.

We had the best morning with a special guest for our Hockey campers. Swaggy P. visited BSC for a great session with his hockey skills and multimedia company Elev8. All divisions worked on their forehand and backhand while practicing tricky maneuvers. We had a blast with tons of photos after practice.

Soccer and Basketball worked on combination drills and fundamentals. Also, 15U Baseball beat Wingwam at intercamp by a lot! We finished the day with our classic Counselor and Senior Hockey game. Only good memories are being made here at Bridgton.

Sunday, July 30

Hello! Lazy Bones Sunday Recap.

What a fun and exciting day. Kiddos got a late wake-up with Dunkin Donuts waiting for them. We had lineup in the morning and played some BSL games. The boys had some free play. Most of them went to cheer on our intercamp street hockey game, which we won in overtime against Camp Wigwam.

Campers ate some lunch and had their phones back. Some of the rookies went to Hawk Mountain for a hike. Seniors played paintball. After that, everyone had showers because we had Casino Night! You’ll love the photos I took of the greatest and funniest outfits.

Thursday, July 27

Hello! Day eleven recap.

Can I say I have the best job ever? Walking around Funtown Splashtown to capture our Bridgton kiddos having the best summer of their lives!

Everyone had the best time. We went on some thrill rides to get our adrenaline pumped. Excalibur was a favorite among the campers. Although the day started a little cloudy, this helped us out with the waiting lines.

Some groups started at the waterpark. The boys loved Poseidon’s Plunge. A drop slide about 60ft high! So brave. They also tried other tube slides. The sun came out at the perfect moment. For dinner, we had pizza. After a long day, we went back to camp for free play.

Log in to Campanion and see all the fun we had!

Wednesday, July 26

What a wild wild Wednesday at BSC! Majors went full speed ahead under sunny skies all morning. After an early line-up, our seniors left on their rafting trip with Kents Hill while our rookies and pros took on Intercamp challengers. Coaches Bryce and Taidan led our 11u soccer boys to a convincing 4-0 soccer win at Camp Wigwam.

Meanwhile, coaches MacGregor and Metcalf led BSC to victories over Camp Winona and Wigwam in a round-robin on Koop Field. Jackson was the hero with 2 intense scoreless innings in game 2 with a walk-off to right field scoring John for the winning run over Wigwam.

Campers who were not competing split time between the waterfront and broomball on the ice rink. After dinner, the campers all enjoyed the lovely weather with free play on the fields.

The fun continues today as our seniors continue rafting and our rookies and pros head to Funtown Splashtown. We can’t imagine a place we’d rather be!

July 24 & 25

Hello! Day eight and nine recap.

We’ve had the most beautiful past two days at BSC. Majors are beginning to implement more teamwork into their practice. Basketball has been working on communication running through three-on-three games. Hockey players did some edge work and stick handling. Lacrosse campers split into offense and defense groups working on positioning and scoring. During baseball, the boys played a scrimmage.

For soccer, we had our first intercamp game. Kiddos came to cheer. We have the best fans. Also, down at the waterfront, we’ve had some incredible wake-surfing skills shown by our boys. The days are going fast! We still have a few days left to enjoy.

Weekend Update

Hello! Weekend Recap.

First Friday of the Session, you could tell the kiddos were working hard all week. We started the morning as with majors with classic Maine weather. Basketball worked on their 3-on-3 competitions. On the turf, Lacrosse and soccer majors. Soccer players did first touches and dribbling. Lacrosse majors worked on stickhandling and passing. Baseball majors practiced infield and outfield work. Hockey also kept things competitive with shooting games.

For the afternoon, we had a special snack surprise. Ice cream truck! Campers enjoyed good cones and sandwiches. After that, we had dinner and got some rest. For Saturday, we had a similar day but a late wake-up. The boys got to enjoy the waterfront on a sunny day. They did some kayaking and fishing too!

That takes us to “Lazy Bones Sunday”. Kids get to sleep longer than usual and get doughnuts during breakfast. We were also excited about this day because it was Carnival Day!

Where to start? So much fun around! Campers had cotton candy, slip, and slide (best one), mechanical bull, free skating at the rink, and inflatable games to race. For dinner, we had a cookout with burgers and hot dogs. I call that an incredible weekend at Bridgton Sports Camp!

Thursday, July 20

Hello! Day three and four recap.

Days have been busy here at Bridgton Sports Camp. Week one is almost over. Kiddos are doing great! Everyone has been eating, getting good sleep, and working on their sports skills.

Every morning campers go to their majors after breakfast. At the rink, our hockey majors have been working on their release and participating in battle drills. The soccer players continued working on a power and finesse drill.

Basketball did a series of passing and offense drills. Lacrosse worked on ground ball drills and dodging. On the baseball diamond, the boys practiced ground balls.

That’s not all. I walked around with my camera and stopped by the boys doing archery, tennis, and the waterfront for the afternoon. It’s a good moment for them to relax and enjoy traditional camp activities.

Tuesday, July 18

Hello! Day two recap.

My favorite kind of day. Kiddos had breakfast and had their first period of majors! Days are going to fly away with the new schedules. Everyone was excited to get in the rink, gym, and field.

I got to visit all of them and snap some photos. After that, I went golfing for our first session. The boys did good! We then had a rest hour and snacks. For the evening, the weather was not as we wanted for our first day at BSL but we made it through. BSC staff knows how to be in charge!