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Coronavirus update

Thank you for your interest in Bridgton Sports Camp. We are currently preparing for what promises to be a rewarding 3 week experience. We’re confident that as we get closer to summer and we emerge from our current restrictions, camp becomes something to look forward to and an opportunity for the boys to get back to sports, socializing, and creating memories. Our commitment to parents is to always put your childs’ health, safety, and well-being as our first priority. We are working with the local health department and our camp nurses in preparing new health guidelines and protocols for athletics, dorm life, and meals.

In the meantime, please practice social distancing, stay healthy, and give us a call for an update, as the current situation is constantly evolving.

Thursday: Color War Day #2

Today’s blog is written by 2 campers, so I hope you enjoy because they did a fantastic job!

Today at Bridgton Sports Camp, it was another hot, beautiful day, and Day 2 of Color War. At the beginning of the day, the Raptors had a strong lead of 40 points over the Blues, but the Blues weren’t giving up too easily. The first event camp-wide was the ice hockey game that any camp member could participate in. The game was a battle but in overtime, the Blues capitalized to take a 5-4 win over the Raptors with Markus scoring the final goal. Then the camp had a delicious lunch of the choice of a meatball sandwich or a steak and cheese sandwich. After lunch, everyone was split up into Seniors, Pros, and Rookies and were sent to do their events. The Seniors played basketball, flag football, and soccer. The Raptors won the basketball game, but the Blues fought back to win the flag football game with a whopping 49-14 finish. The Raptors took the soccer game with a 5-4 score. The Pros played kickball, Gaga, cricket, basketball, handball, and soccer. Since there are so many pros they were split in half, but they all participated in 3 games still. The Blues won kickball but the Raptors responded with a 4-0 win in Gaga and a win in soccer in sudden death. The Rookies played soccer, handball, and cricket. The Blues won a well-fought game in handball, with a 16-5 score. The Raptors took both games with a win in a penalty shootout. Tonight was the last night for BSL. The Willamette Bearcats took on the Wooster Fighting Scots in a game of handball. It was a well-fought battle, but the Bearcats Pros/Seniors managed to pull a 4-2 lead over the Fighting Scots, and the Rookies finished off the game to win the championship for the Willamette Bearcats. At the end of the day, the final score for Color War was Blues 341 to the Raptors 346. The Raptors may have won more games but the Blues showed a great deal of sportsmanship that helped them gain many more points.

Written By: Pierce/Willamette Bearcats
Edited By: Aidan
Support By: Keara who writes every wonderful blog other than this one

Tomorrow is the Whacked Up Relay Race, so wish the campers luck! GO BLUES! GO RAPTORS!
Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and hopefully, your Thursday was awesome!

Tuesday & Wednesday: Funtown Splashtown and Start of Color War!

Tuesday Updates: Funtown Splashtown, White Water Rafting, and Red Sox Game

All the Pros, Rookies, and some Seniors went to Funtown Splashtown yesterday while the rest of the Seniors went White Water Rafting and the CITs went to a Red Sox Game.
It was a perfect day yesterday. It was very sunny and hot but all the campers had fun! In Funtown, the campers could go on different amusement park rides such as rollercoasters, drop tower, teacups and many more! In Splashtown, the campers could go down all kinds of water slides. There were slides made for tubes and others where they could race each other.

We also announced Color War while we were at there and we did that by having a security guard and manager talk to the whole group saying that everyone was not following the rules and things like that. The manager ended his speech by saying that the Color War is here.

Once everyone got back from their different trips, we had the dodgeball game, and the campers found out which team they were on which were either the Raptors or the Saint Louis Blues.

Wednesday: Color War Continued

We had late wake-up, and when the campers woke up they all were very excited to start Color War and to start winning!

After breakfast, the different divisions split up to play games such as Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball, and Flag Football. The Pros were in 2 different groups by their hall because there are so many Pros this session.

Then it was off to majors where they did different skill competitions or played different games. The hockey players did skating, shooting, and different relay races. The soccer players had a scrimmage, and the baseball majors played different games such as Ground Ball Knockout. The basketball and lacrosse majors also did different games and competitions.

After lunch and rest hour, we had the track and field events, the cook-off, and Jeopardy. The different track and field events are throwing a football and baseball, a cross country run, 100m race, and more! The cook-off is an event where every group is given a piece of cake and a banana and the campers could choose 4 more ingredients to make the best looking and tasting dish.

Before dinner, the Pros and Seniors had their BSL Semifinals and the Rookies had their Semifinals after dinner.

Overall the past two days have been very busy but the campers are having a lot of fun! They are demonstrating great sportsmanship and respect to their opposing teams.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and I hope everyone had a great couple of days!

Monday: Senior Social

Tonight is the Senior Social! Today was also the last normal day with campers following their schedules because tomorrow is Funtown Splashtown and the rest of the week is Color War!

There was BSL in the morning, but many of the Seniors and Pros were missing because of the inter-camp tournaments. The tournaments were in street hockey and baseball. This also was the start of playoffs for BSL.

After BSL, the campers went to their first two periods. The hockey majors worked on stickhandling and played keep away. The soccer majors worked on finishing and scrimmaged at the end. There was a baseball minor and they played a mini baseball game where the bases were moved in closer to home plate. There was a street hockey and flag football minor, but there were not many campers because of the different inter-camp games, so they went into the gym and played basketball. There was a weight training minor as well.

Everyone had tacos for lunch since we will be missing Taco Tuesday! After lunch was the Rest Hour, and it started to pour so Rest Hour was extended until the rain stopped.
Once the rain was done, it was back to the normal third and fourth periods. In both hockey minors, the players scrimmaged. There was a camper who never played hockey before who stepped on the ice with gear on and tried it! He had a good time, and was smiling for the whole period! The rest of the campers had fun at their minors and tried something new in each one.

During Line-up, we found out about the inter-camp tournaments the campers participated in. The baseball team won the tournament! In the street hockey tournament, the campers brought home second place! All the campers were cheering when they found out because it was super exciting to hear how well they did!

For dinner, the campers had mashed potatoes and chicken with the usual salad and pasta bar. We celebrated a counselor’s birthday too!

After dinner, the Seniors got ready for their social. Everyone else had normal free time and snack time. At the social, the Seniors looked like they were having fun talking and hanging out with the girls and their friends.

Everyone is excited for tomorrow because of Funtown Splashtown and White Water Rafting! It will be a busy day!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and wish the campers luck tomorrow and please wish the counselor a very happy birthday!

Stay tuned for updates on Wednesday!

Lazy Bones Sunday #2

It was a very hot day out, and we also had the counselors vs campers lacrosse and softball games too! Not to mention, this was the day of the White Out basketball game against a local camp!

There were some campers who did wake up early for donuts this morning, but a majority of them slept in.

Everyone headed up to Line-up at 10:00, and the campers learned of the different activities they could do before lunch. There was a U15 street hockey tryout and a U16 baseball tryout. They also could go out on the ice for a free skate, go to Art’s and Crafts, and for the campers who hadn’t gone waterskiing or wakeboarding could go out and try it. Some campers even went fishing as well!

After lunch, we had our rest hour and then it was off to the lacrosse and softball games! All the campers either participated or watched the games. Both were exciting to watch because the campers were holding their own, and having so much fun playing against counselors. In the lacrosse game, we had a counselor dress up in full hockey goalie gear, and he was on the camper’s team and was stopping shots left and right. The counselors’ goalie was a camper who killed it! He played amazingly, and stopped so many hard shots! Even though the campers lost, they still tried their hardest and had fun. In the softball game, the campers played very well, but the counselors ended up on top. The campers did catch some hard balls, and pitch balls that made it more difficult for the counselors to hit, making it more challenging for the counselors.

For dinner, we had mac and cheese with chicken strips and the pasta and salad bars. The dessert was popsicles.

After dinner, we had the white-out game against another camp. Bridgton came and played their hearts out. We had an early lead in the game, but ultimately we lost by only a couple of points! The campers who were not playing cheered on their friends and just had fun!

All the campers got extended phone time after the basketball to call their parents or friends. They also had time before the game to call as well!

Today was a tough day for the campers, but they brought their A-game to every sport they played and it was great to watch!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and I hope you had some donuts today as well!

Friday: Casino Night is Finally Here!

Another gorgeous day in Bridgton, Maine! The campers had a fun day doing sports, and betting money on a variety of casino games!

We had BSL today to start the morning off and then straight to the first and second periods. The hockey majors worked on skating specifically transitioning, backwards, forwards, and quick feet. The baseball majors played a game called Home Run Derby where they had to hit the ball over the fence from the outfield. The soccer majors had different stations to help with footwork and ended their practice with a scrimmage. There were also minors in lacrosse, tennis, flag football, and weight training.

After lunch, the campers had their rest hour, and then it was off to their third and fourth periods. The hockey players scrimmaged. Everyone at the waterfront had fun, and there were many campers who tried waterskiing or wakeboarding for the first time, and they were getting up! The rest of the majors went very well!

For dinner, the campers got pizza and pop! There was a birthday on Thursday, but we celebrated the camper’s birthday today!! For many of the campers, the pizza and pop are what they looked forward to all day!

After dinner, everyone showered and got ready for Casino Night. Casino Night is when campers are given fake money to bet or play different games such as Plinko, Blackjack, Texas Holdem, and many more games! The campers had so much fun playing the games and winning money! The counselors were also able to have fun too as the bouncers or playing the games with the campers. The CITs also had a blast too as bouncers or helping out with different games or concessions.

Casino Night was a big hit, and it was a perfect time for the campers too because they have been working hard at their majors and minors!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and please wish the camper a very happy birthday!!

Thursday: Pro-Social!

The camp was on a normal schedule today, the first time in a couple of days! It was the perfect day for it too because the sun was out, and it was not too humid either!
Everyone woke up at the normal 7:45 am time and ate breakfast and went straight to BSL. For BSL, the Rookies played Handball, Spike Ball, and Gaga while the Pros and Seniors played Newcomb, Cricket, and Ultimate Frisbee.

In the first period, the hockey majors worked on small area games with 2 forwards and 1 defenseman. The soccer majors worked on passing and footwork before doing a scrimmage. In the baseball minor, the campers were split into 2 teams and played a game, and they ended the period by doing a relay race. For the relay race, every camper had to hit all the bases and tag their next teammate, and the losing team had to do 10 pushups. The campers at the waterfront had a lot of fun by trying new activities.
The campers worked hard in the second period in every activity they did while having fun.

The campers had their rest hour after lunch, and many decided to take a nap.

The third and fourth period also went well, and the campers enjoyed their activities! The hockey players scrimmaged, did a drill, and played some games.

Today we had Choose Up, and many campers chose to play a game called Man Hunt which is a mixture of hide and seek and tag. The campers had to hide from the camper who is “it”, and if the camper who is “it” finds the others who are hiding they could get tagged and joined the camper who is “it.” The rest of the campers played soccer and lacrosse on the soccer field and baseball at the baseball field. Some even played basketball in the gym.

At Line-up we had 2 campers tell a joke, but the person who got the bucket of water was a counselor!

For dinner, we had rice, beef, and cooked broccoli. For dessert, we had a chocolate ice cream bar!

We ended the day watching Infinity Wars and eating Fruit Roll-Ups! The Pros ended their night having their social! The Pro-Social is when only the Pros go up to the ice rink and skate with a local girls’ camp. It is always a riot to watch, and the boys always have a good time hanging out with the girls and their friends!

Everyone had a great day, and we ended it the best way!

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope you had a great Thursday!

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

Tuesday and Wednesday Updates

Updates from yesterday: The whole camp went to the Sea Dogs baseball game. Instead of going to one game, we actually watched a doubleheader against the Yard Goats! Each game was only 7 innings though. Both games were tons of fun to watch, and the campers were hyped during all of it. They got excited about the home runs the Sea Dogs hit and trying to catch foul balls. There were some lucky campers who did get some baseballs! The campers had fun dancing, and getting onto the jumbotron. Overall, the baseball games were a lot of fun, and the campers made many memories there!

Today was a good day as well because we ended it with a camp-wide capture the flag game!

We had a late wake up because today was a day off for some counselors and that also meant no BSL.

We had a normal rest of the day, so the campers went to their first and second periods. The hockey majors worked on different ways of passing such as forehand, backhand, and saucing, shooting, stick handling, 1 v 1, and 2 v 1.

We also had a good lunch of barbecue chicken and waffle fries! After lunch was rest hour were many campers got ready for the flag football game against a local camp while others rested and slept.

The campers playing in the flag football game headed out after rest hour while the rest of them went to their normal third and fourth periods. The hockey majors scrimmaged the whole time in each period.

At Line-up we found out that we won the flag football game 40-0! The joke of the day was:

Why do cows go to school?
-To get an edumoooocation

For dinner, we had pasta and breadsticks with brownies for dessert!

After dinner, we had the capture the flag game! The campers were split up into 2 teams, and they played from the archery field to the field behind the baseball field. It was a fun game to watch, and the campers had a lot of fun trying to get the flag or tagging other campers! Eventually, one team did come out on top by grabbing the flag and running back to their side!

After the game, it was free time, so the Rookies went and showered and came up for a snack which was candy. The Pros and Seniors just had free time and also came up to get candy.

The past two days were very busy, but the campers made many new memories which they will cherish forever!

Until tomorrow!

First Lazy Bones Sunday of Second Session

Lazy Bone Sunday was today! Everyone was able to sleep in until 10, and anyone could have woken up early to have donuts. Today was also carnival day as well!

All the campers had Free Time until lunch, and Rookies ate first followed by the Pros and Seniors. The free time consisted of playing basketball, U13 soccer tryouts, U13 baseball tryouts, and other fun games on the turf! For lunch, we had tacos!

After lunch, we had carnival games! The campers could go down 2 different water slides, play foosball, go to the waterfront, play on the turf, or play inflatable basketball. All the campers had so much fun going down the waterslides and swimming at the waterfront! The counselors also had fun on the waterslides and racing the campers!

For dinner, we had chicken strips with Jojo fries and regular fries and of course our pasta and salad bars. For dessert we had brownies! We also celebrated a birthday as well!!

All the campers got their phones back to them once dinner ended, so they could call home and talk to their parents or message their friends. Once snack was over and the campers handed in their phones, they went to bed.

We had an awesome Sunday because the campers had so much fun!

Thank you for reading the blog, and please wish the camper a very happy birthday!! Thank you!!

Updates soon!

First Cookout Saturday of Second Session

It was a very very humid day not to mention hot! The campers drank lots of water and slathered on sunscreen!

In the morning we did majors after breakfast. The hockey majors played 3 v 3 games, and baseball majors had fun batting Wiffle balls. Soccer majors worked on passing and following their pass. The basketball majors worked on defensive positioning, and lacrosse had a meeting in the locker to show and explain different things.
In the afternoon, the different divisions split up and had 3 stations to go to. The stations were Arts and Crafts, waterfront activities, building the tallest tower using marshmallows and spaghetti, and a slip and slide. At the waterfront, they had a relay race where each camper had to spin around the bat 10 times and swim around a counselor and tag their teammate. The campers enjoyed the race. Everyone loved the slip and slide and racing each other even the counselors did it.

We had no Line-up today, so the Rookies went straight to dinner and Pros and Seniors had free time until dinner. For dinner we had our cookout, so we had burgers, hotdogs, chips, and watermelon.

For free time after dinner, the Rookies went and watched a movie at Brian’s house, and the Pros watched Oceans 8 in Humanities.

Even though today was unbearably hot, the campers made the most out of it by having fun at the waterfront and slip and slide.

Tomorrow we can sleep in until 10, and the campers can get up in the morning and have a 2 Dunkin Donuts if they want.

Until tomorrow