July 19th

Another absolutely gorgeous day here in Bridgton, Maine. The temperature stayed in the upper 70s and lower 80s throughout the day. Today was as perfect a day as we will ever get at summer camp. Today, I spent a lot of time at the waterfront spotting on the wakeboarding boat, ...read more

July 18th

An absolutely exquisite day up here in Bridgton, Maine. Today was our first full day of activities as campers went to their five scheduled periods until dinner time. Majors were in full force as campers are now accustomed to the coach’s routines. The temperature stayed in the upper 70s throughout ...read more

July 16th

Session two is officially underway! Campers received their daily schedules at breakfast this morning before jumping into the day. After clean up at the dorms, campers headed to their first period major and minor activities. It was great to see everyone competing right away as the campers met their coaches ...read more