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Monday, July 8

Color War at BSC! Yesterday marked our last day of the regular schedule and majors at Bridgton Sports Camp, and it was filled with energy and enthusiasm as we wrapped up our focused training sessions. In basketball, campers worked on their shooting form and defensive drills. Hockey players honed their ...read more

Sunday, July 7

This weekend at Bridgton Sports Camp was filled with action, fun, and memorable moments as we near the end of session one. The kiddos kicked off the weekend with lacrosse practice, working on their passing accuracy, ground ball drills, and defensive strategies. Their impressive skills and teamwork set the stage ...read more

Friday, July 5

Day 12 was packed with activities at Bridgton Sports Camp as we celebrated the 4th of July! The morning kicked off with our usual majors. On the hockey rink, campers focused on their stickhandling skills and precision passing drills. Soccer enthusiasts worked on their dribbling, shooting, and defensive techniques, while ...read more