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Monday, July 4

Happy Fourth of July Bridgton Sports Camp friends and families! This morning a group of our campers competed in the annual Bridgton Four on the Fourth race. Accompanied by counselors, a group of BSC campers from all age groups gave their best effort on a four mile course bright and ...read more

Sunday, July 3

The first lazy bones Sunday of the year has arrived. On Sunday we let the boys sleep in an extra couple of hours and provide Dunkin’ Donuts in the cafeteria. Afterwards we put together a special morning BSL game. Following lunch the pros and rookies got their phones back to ...read more

Saturday, July 2

It’s the first BSC weekend and we could not be happier reflecting back on the previous days. After a great first week full of hard work and accomplishment from our campers we decided to mix things up and let the campers get some much needed time to cool off with ...read more