Meet Our Director

Dear Friends and Potential Camp Families,

brian kooperman letter photo 1I have been told that camping runs in my blood. I remember my parents putting me on a plane and sending me to a camp in Maine like it was yesterday. I couldn’t have known then the impact that summer camp would have on my life. Not only did camp prepare me for college and my future, but it shaped the person I am today.brian kooperman letter photo 2 After eight years as a camper and four years during college as a counselor, I knew that camping would become my career. After graduating with a degree in Hospitality, I had the amazing opportunity to assist with two start-up camp ventures as a Head Counselor, Group Leader, and Staffing Director. Both were successful and afforded me the chance to go back to the camp I had attended as a camper and counselor and work there full time for six years.

Brian Kooperman and FamilyWith the conception of Bridgton Sports Camp, my dream of creating an ideal camp experience became a reality. I strongly believe in the values and structure that are incorporated into any successful traditional camp. At Bridgton Sports Camp, I have taken those core traditional camp values and developed a comprehensive three-week experience during which your child will receive top notch sports instruction, enjoy choice based activities, and grow as a person in a safe, fun, and structured environment.

In short, it is my goal to make sure your camper has the summer of his life!

Brian Kooperman