Tuesday, July 2

Day 10 at Bridgton Sports Camp!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day at Bridgton Sports Camp, and our campers took full advantage of the great weather.

We started the day with some waterside fun, and the kids loved tubing and fishing. Up in the fields, an intercamp soccer match was at its peak. Our campers played with incredible skills and determination, leading to a well-deserved victory.

Despite being rest hour, many campers came out to cheer on their friends. Their enthusiastic support was rewarded with a surprise treat… Ice cream for everyone! The campers loved the sweet reward, and it added to the day’s fun.

As evening approached, the pros enjoyed a social free skating event at the ice rink with Camp Mataponi. The day ended on a high note, with new friendships blooming and campers having a blast on the ice!

It was a fantastic day at camp, filled with joy, teamwork, and wonderful memories. We’re excited to see what adventures await us today at Funtown Splashtown!

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