Sunday, July 7

This weekend at Bridgton Sports Camp was filled with action, fun, and memorable moments as we near the end of session one.

The kiddos kicked off the weekend with lacrosse practice, working on their passing accuracy, ground ball drills, and defensive strategies. Their impressive skills and teamwork set the stage for a fantastic weekend.

Waterfront activities were a hit, with campers enjoying kayaking and tubing under the bright sun. The excitement was contagious as they navigated the water and had a blast with friends.

Our hockey seniors won against the New Hampshire Nor’easters, showcasing their skill and determination on the rink. Not to be outdone, our soccer team won a match against Wigwam, with the kiddos enthusiastically cheering them on from the sidelines.

Avery B. took his minor in photography and social media to the next level by interviewing campers about their best tips for homesickness for kids coming in session two. His thoughtful photos are now available on Campanion for everyone to admire.

Sunday was a special treat with our last Lazy Bones Sunday of the session. Campers indulged in two delicious doughnuts and spent the sunny day enjoying slip and slides, creating joyful memories, and enjoying the perfect summer weather.

CIT Leo organized a cornhole tournament with the seniors, which turned out to be a huge success. In an exciting twist, Leo himself won the tournament.

As we look forward to our last days at camp before session one ends, the energy is amazing. We’re ready to make the most of every moment and create even more unforgettable memories!

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