Wednesday, June 26

Day four at Bridgton Sports Camp was a day to remember!

A special visit from Swaggy P, former American ice hockey player Pete Lenes highlighted the morning. Swaggy P, who now runs a hockey training and development company with former NHLer and University of Vermont teammate Torrey Mitchell, spent the morning with our campers. The rookies were the most excited, and they had an incredible hockey session focusing on improving their stick skills on the ice rink. By the end of the session, everyone had made great progress and we captured the moment with some memorable photos.

Other majors proceeded as usual, with campers engaging enthusiastically in their chosen sports and activities.

After dinner, the kids enjoyed some BSL, free play, and free swimming. Despite the hot day, everyone had a blast cooling off in the water and playing games. The campers are doing exceptionally well with their activities, making the most of every moment.

We are looking forward to more exciting adventures as the days go by!

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