First Pizza Dinner

What a busy day it was! We had several games against other camps, and we did extremely well!

There was a baseball game today against another camp after breakfast, so all the campers that participated in the baseball game ate and headed out. We also canceled BSL for today because of the game. The rest of the campers were able to sleep in and go to the first period after breakfast.

The first period went very well, the lacrosse majors worked on 2 v 2, weight training minors played capture the flag, tennis minors played King of the Court, basketball minors played some games, and the hockey majors did some stations to work on stick handling, passing, and shooting.

During the second period, basketball majors had a continuous scrimmage and whatever team won did not have to do sprints. In archery, we had a camper get his first bullseye which was pretty exciting! Soccer majors had 3 v 3 competitions where the ball could only touch the ground once and they had to get it over the bench. It got very competitive! In hockey, they had different stations just like period one. They also had an obstacle course as well where the skaters could race each other. In weight training, they did planks and a circuit.

After lunch, we had our rest hour where all the campers went back to their dorm. As rest hour was ending, we had the U15 soccer game against another camp at Bridgton starting. Many of campers who had minors went and watched the game. It was a good game because we had to go into overtime! Both teams played their hearts out and had a great attitude throughout the game. Both goalies played really well, and made some great saves! In the end, we came out on top with a score of 1-0! Our team passed the ball to our striker who took it down and scored! Everyone went wild and surrounded the camper who scored screaming and cheering!

During Line-up we found out that we won the baseball game 6-4, and we lost the U12 soccer game by one point. In the soccer game, we were losing by 2 points but then we tied it up and got ahead. Eventually, the other camp tied it up as well and scored one more time and won the game. In the baseball game, we got 6 runs right away and kept the other team from getting no more than 4. The camper who got the water dumped on him for the joke was a CIT which made it so much better for the campers.

For dinner, we had our first pizza dinner of the summer which made some happy campers! Also, after dinner, there is a group of basketball players going to play a game against another camp tonight!

Wish them luck!

Tomorrow we are going to the Portland Sea Dogs game which everyone is pumped for!

Thank you for reading the blog, and hopefully, you had some pizza tonight as well!

By for now!

Pro Social Tonight!

Today was a very exciting day because we had 3 different tournaments against other camps, and the Pros had their social tonight!

The morning started off as usual with BSL in the morning followed by camper’s majors and minors. BSL went very well today with some great competition between all the campers and counselors. The first period followed BSL, and many campers had their major and the rest had their minors. Baseball players worked on bunting the ball, and they had a competition between the Rookies and older campers. The Rookies beat the older campers! In hockey, they worked on passing, keep away, and 4 v 4. The soccer players worked on passing, sprinting, and had a game at the end. There was a lacrosse minor, and they worked on 2 v 2. Tennis minors played King of the Court which they enjoyed.

Period 2 was just as successful. Hockey majors also worked on passing, keep away, and 4 v 4 along with shooting backhand and tipping the puck into the net.

We did lunch differently today because of the different tournaments happening. We had basketball, flag football, and street hockey tournaments against other camps. While those campers were at their games, we still had a normal schedule. Both period 3 and 4 ran smoothly and campers enjoyed themselves.

The Rookies had the street hockey tournament and they absolutely crushed it! They won all their games, and came out as the winner of the tournament! In flag football and basketball, we did not win any games, but all the campers had a great attitude and displayed good sportsmanship on the court, arena, and field! All the campers had fun competing in the tournaments!

During Choose Up, the campers that were not getting ready for the social tonight were up at the fields, court, or the Gaga Pit. There were campers who were playing Spike Ball, kicking field goals, and playing baseball. During Line-up we did not have the Pros there because they were still getting ready, but we had 3 campers tell jokes, and the third one got the bucket of water dumped on them.

His joke:

Do you know what ticks me off?
-Lime disease

The Pros and Rookies ate dinner together, and we had chicken, rice, green beans, the pasta bar, and the salad bar. For dessert, we had chocolate chip cookies. After dinner, the Pros went back to their dorms to finish getting ready to head up to the ice rink for their social. All the boys were super excited for it, and could hardly wait for tonight! The rest of the campers had free time until they had to be back in their dorms for the night.

All the Pros on the ice were having so much fun! They were skating around dancing to the music and laughing with each other and the girls.

Today was a fantastic day for the campers! They had fun at their tournaments and periods and the Pros ended their night having fun at their social!

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope your Monday was awesome!

Until tomorrow!

First Lazy Bones Sunday of the Summer!

It rained on again off again, but it has been a very pretty night though making it a great way to end the day!

This Sunday was also the first Lazy Bones Sunday of the summer meaning we could sleep until 10:00! We started today off with some donuts and our normal breakfast food, and we had Line-up in the morning so the campers knew what was going to happen today. We had free time after and some chose to go to the waterfront. The rest of the campers had tryouts for basketball and flag football for the different tournaments we will have against other camps. The other campers who were not at the waterfront or doing tryouts played Spike Ball, lacrosse, street hockey, soccer, and baseball.

After a while, the campers went back to their dorms because it started to rain. In one dorm there were some campers who were reading in the common area and in their room. There were some other campers who were playing different card games too. The rain stopped but it started up again right before lunch. The rain stopped for rest period while all the campers were in their dorm resting.

We decided to have a carnival today in the gym where the campers could play foosball, laser tag, or do an obstacle course. We also had jeopardy and Bingo. The campers rotated to all three with their age group, and all of them had fun especially at the carnival. The Pros absolutely loved foosball, and the Seniors loved the obstacle course because it got wet so it turned into a slip and slide. They had fun beating their friends and seeing who was the fastest.

For dinner, we had chicken alfredo with broccoli in the sauce, rolls, the pasta bar, and salad bar. For dessert, we had an ice cream bar. All the campers got their phones after dinner so they could call their parents and catch up with their friend from back home.

Even though today had some rain, the campers still had a blast at their different activities!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope your Sunday was lazy as well!

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

First Saturday

We were able to sleep in an extra hour today which made everyone happy, and to make it even better it was gorgeous all day!

We did not have BSL today because we slept in, and we only had 1 long major period. All the majors happened right after breakfast, so than for the rest of the day could be minors. In hockey, the younger group worked on edges and had 3 v 3 games and the older group had stations that focused on stick handling, shooting, and 1v 1 situations. Lacrosse players focused on 1 v 1 with passing to a coach and catching the ball. The soccer players focused on 1 v 1 and scoring.

After lunch, we had a kickball and baseball game against another camp and our last 3 minors. The younger group went and played kickball at the opposing team’s camp while the U15 baseball game was at Bridgton. The baseball game was really good, we had 1 home run and our pitcher did extremely well by striking out the other team. In both games, we destroyed our opponents and won!

During both games, the minors went very well. Most of the campers wanted to watch the baseball game, so they did that instead of doing their minor, so they could cheer for their friends. The waterfront was still very popular. The campers had fun fishing, waterskiing, knee boarding, canoeing, and wakeboarding. Many of the campers, that was their first time trying waterskiing, wakeboarding, or knee boarding.

We did not have Choose Up, so we went straight into Line-up. There were three campers who told jokes today and the first two got a pass but the third was not so lucky. His joke:

What do you call a Labrador that becomes a magician?
-A Labracadabrador

For dinner, we had our first cookout, so we had burgers, hotdogs, chips, and watermelon. We also had dinner as one big camp, so everyone could hang out together. After dinner, we had 30 minutes of free time and then we are going to watch a movie and go to bed.

Tomorrow the campers will be able to sleep in and have donuts as an option for breakfast!

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope you had a great Saturday!

Until the next blog!

Note: There are pictures from yesterday posted with today’s pictures.

First Floral Friday of the Summer

Today was our first Floral Friday of the summer! It was also another sunny, bright, beautiful day as well!

All the campers woke up with a good attitude which they brought to BSL and all their majors and minors. During their first two periods, baseball players worked on infield catching specifically second and third base and shortstop, hockey players worked on small area games, soccer players worked on shooting and small area passing, and basketball players worked on positioning for defense. Many of the minors were very successful especially flag football where there was one camper who helped his fellow younger campers put on the belts. In weight training, the campers worked on strengthening their biceps and lower body.

During the third and fourth period, many campers watched the street hockey game we had against another camp. We had the younger group at our camp and the older group was at the other one. We, unfortunately, did not win the younger street hockey game, but we did win with the older group! But we only lost by a couple of points. The hockey players did have to go on the ice, but they were able to scrimmage and the older group did a big 4 v 4 tournament which went very well.

During Line-Up, everyone found out that we will be able to sleep in an extra hour which made campers and counselors very happy! Now we will have 2 days in a row where we get to sleep in!

Thank you for reading the blog and hopefully, you were able to see some flowers today!

Stay tuned for the next blog!

Such a Great Day!

Another bright sunny day in Bridgton, Maine! Barely any clouds could be seen in the sky and another full day of doing sports!

All the campers woke up excited for the day and ready to have some fun! They started their day out with BSL with all the groups having fun playing kickball, handball, Spike Ball, and dodgeball. All the games were getting very intense because all the campers brought their A game.

Everyone had a great first and second period with majors and minors. The hockey players in both the older and younger group focused on 1 v 1 games and passing. Each group had an obstacle course they had to do as well. They had to go around cones, jump over a stick, duck under a stick, transition, and skate backwards. During the younger session of hockey, there was a station where the campers were passing to each other. One camper helped out his partner by showing him how to pass the correct way while the coach was busy helping another camper. We were happy to see campers helping each other out!

For lunch, we had tater tots, pasta, and chicken caesar salad wraps. Most campers were very happy to have the tater tots. After lunch, was our rest period where everyone went back to their dorms to rest or play quiet games. This was also great for counselors because they were able to rest with the campers.

During the third and fourth period, some campers had archery. For one camper it was their first time trying archery and he got a bullseye on his first try! Then 2 more campers got bullseyes as well! Overall it was a great day for archery! Some campers had waterfront activities and went tubing. The water was very choppy today, but that did not stop the campers from having fun! There were two campers on a tube and one was just about to fall off, but the other camper grabbed his wrist and pulled him back on the tube too so he could grab his handle and stay on! We also had two campers who never knee boarded before who got up on the board their first time! It was a very exciting day at the waterfront!

The camper’s favorite part of the day is Choose Up because they can choose any activity outside to go to and play. Many went to the waterfront to swim as it was a very nice day out. The Gaga Pit was very full as usual, and there were many campers on the field as well. A lot of the lacrosse majors and minors were out there practicing their shot, and one of the counselors was helping them out as well. A big game of Spike Ball happened again, and there were some baseball players out practicing catching and batting.

During Line-up, there were 2 jokes that were said and the first camper got the first pass of the summer! The next camper was not as lucky as he got the bucket of water dumped on him.

The joke that got the camper the bucket of water:

Where do you shop to get dog leashes?
-At the retail store

The campers had a very nice dinner of barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, and peas. Not to mention the salad bar and pasta bar. After dinner, is free time until bedtime so many campers will hit the Gaga Pit, street hockey arena, the pickleball courts, basketball courts, soccer field, and baseball field to have some fun. Once it gets dark outside, the campers come inside to play pool, or ping pong before heading to bed.

I have to say that today was a very successful day at Bridgton Sports Camp and that we are excited for many more!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope you had a fun day!

Talk to you guys soon!

Very Sunny Day in Bridgton

We woke up to cloudy skies today, but that quickly changed to a sunny, bright, beautiful day! It got up to 80 degrees today! All the athletes on the turf and baseball fields were working very hard through the heat, but they were getting multiple water breaks to help!

Once again the campers had BSL in the morning with their different teams after breakfast. All the teams did a great job competing and all had good sportsmanship.

After BSL, many campers had their majors and minors. Some campers went to the waterfront for waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. The campers found the water a bit chilly, but that all changed when they were in the water having fun. They each were on the boards for a long time riding the waves and getting used to being back in the water.

For the second period, the campers had their majors and minors again. The soccer players were having fun passing the ball around and doing a scrimmage, the lacrosse players were doing a drill to help them get better at shooting on net, and the hockey players were split up into a couple of groups doing different stations such as shooting on the goalie or becoming better skaters. In weight training, they focused on abs and legs today, and the campers pushed themselves to be better. It also helped that the two counselors running it were supportive and motivated the campers to keep pushing themselves.

After lunch, we had a rest period where many of the campers went and took a quick nap or they played some board games. The Rookies had a lot of fun playing Battleship, Uno, and Sorry with their counselors and fellow Rookies. They were having tons of fun playing and relaxing together!

When the third period came, the campers went back to their majors and minors. The hockey players had a big scrimmage where there were some great goals, both goalies played very well making some awesome saves, and plenty of communication between the players.

During the fourth period, there was a van that took some campers to a driving range down the road. All the campers doing golf had a blast hitting some line drives and trying golf for the first time. There was so much improvement from the start to the end of the session because a counselor was helping them.

We did have Choose Up today where the campers have to choose an activity or go to different activities outside. Many campers like to go to the water especially on really hot days. A lot of the campers went to Spike Ball where they would team up and play the team that won. There were 2 counselors who kept winning, so everyone wanted to beat them. Those 2 counselors lost their streak to another set of counselors.

For dinner, we had fried chicken, cooked broccoli, and potatoes along with the pasta bar and salad bar. After dinner, the campers have free time, but today we decided to do a campfire to roast marshmallows and have fun together as one big camp.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and I hope you have an awesome night!

First Rainy Day

We did not get much sunlight today as it was cloudy and rainy all day but that did not stop the campers from having fun and making the most out of the day!

In the morning the campers were able to participate in BSL (Bridgton Sports League) with their teams. The Seniors and Pros either played kickball, dodgeball, or handball while the Rookies played spike ball, handball, or in the Gaga Pit. The campers had a lot of fun competing against their friends and roommates.

After BSL, the campers went to their first period of majors and minors. The lacrosse majors learned how to do a three-man weave, baseball majors were able to do some batting practice, and hockey majors were playing some mini-games on the ice.

During the second period, the basketball majors had a great warmup which was passing the ball to a counselor and doing a layup. After doing that they grabbed 2 balls and dribbled with both hands doing different drills lead by 2 counselors, and learned some new ones as well.

When the campers were eating lunch, they were told that all afternoon/evening major and minors were canceled because it was going to start raining. But they were very excited to hear that rest hour was extended! All hockey majors still went on the ice for their sessions though. Instead of going to their activities we had the three groups rotate going to the gym for some dodgeball and other fun games, arts and crafts, and the Humanities building which holds the fun games campers like such as pool and ping pong. We also had the Women’s FIFA World Cup and the Incredibles 2 playing.

For dinner, we had our world famous tacos where the campers could choose between a soft and hard shell. Everyone seemed excited for Taco Tuesdays again.

After dinner is the big dodgeball game against another local camp. This is the first time this summer we are going against them.

Wish us luck!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope your day was sunny and bright!

Until tomorrow

First Official Day

Today was a very successful first day of camp! The sun was out, there was a slight breeze, and smiling campers and counselors.

Once everyone woke up and had breakfast, the campers went to their major. Everyone was excited to hit the ice, court, and fields for some fun and to tune up their skills. The lacrosse campers were learning how to pass the ball using their left and right hand, the soccer campers learned how to change direction and some new footwork, and the baseball players met the coach for either the first time or again.

Before lunch, all the campers did their swim test down at the lake. The lake was a bit chilly, but they still had fun swimming and treading water. With the help of the amazing waterfront counselors, and the head of the waterfront, Jake Bookspan, everything ran smoothly and the campers had fun.
After lunch, many of the campers went to their various minors such as soccer, lacrosse, fishing, waterskiing, and many more. The hockey players were able to get on the ice and practice. They focused on edge work and getting used to being on the ice again.

During lineup, a camper told a joke and if the campers did not like the joke, water would be dumped on his head. His joke:

Why is dark spelling with a K and not a C?
-Because you cannot see in the dark.

This resulted in the camper getting soaked with water while the rest of the campers were laughing and having fun.

For dinner, we had steak, rice, grilled vegetables, and rolls. Don’t worry, many of the campers had the grilled vegetables! We also had the pasta bar and a salad bar as usual. For dessert, we had a popsicle.

Now, the campers are enjoying their free time at the Gaga Pit, street hockey, up at the field, or in their dorm.

All the campers are looking forward to getting more time doing their majors and minors tomorrow, and possibly changing their minors as they are exploring different sports and finding out they like them!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope you had a great Monday!

Until next blog!
Keara Chaperon

Move in Day

Today marks the first day of Bridgton Sports Camp’s first session!

All the campers came in excited and ready for the summer! With the help of their parents and other counselors, the campers unpacked, made their beds, making Bridgton their home for the next 3 weeks.

After unpacking, many campers went to the Gaga Pit for some fun and to catch up with their friends from last summer. Some campers were even able to try out and play in the brand new street hockey arena we have! While others went to play soccer and basketball to keep up their skills.
Many campers came to greet their friends off the bus. After bringing all their belongings to their room and unpacking, many joined the campers at the Gaga Pit for one big, fun game.

Before dinner line-up was called where the director of Bridgton Sports Camp, Brian Kooperman, spoke to all the campers and counselors, then we split into our age groups and did some fun activities. Rookies played a game of intense kickball, Pros played ultimate Frisbee and kickball, and Seniors played handball.

For dinner, we had chicken fingers, fries, salad, and ravioli and not to mention brownies! After dinner, everyone had free time and a chance to have some down time before Monday comes.

We are very excited for the first week of camp and to see the campers’ progress on and off the field/ice!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope you have a great day!

Until tomorrow!
Keara Chaperon