Tuesday, July 4

Hello! Day ten recap.

What a 4th! Early morning a group of campers and counselors competed in the annual Bridgton Four on the Fourth race. All of them did great. Back at camp had a regular day of majors and intercamp games for basketball and flag football. BSC won with our incredible team of football. We had lots of picks and touchdowns.

After snacks and lineup, we head into dinner for some tasty chicken wings. The night was still young because we had a surprise for the kiddos. Casino night!

They went back to their dorms and got some outfits on. Rookies came in first. Security staff was ready to check ID’s. Once they got in, we gave them chips so they could try their luck at some games. Pros and seniors joined for more fun.

Make sure to view photos of the night at Campanion!

Monday, July 3

Hello! Day nine recap.

BSC had a bit overcast during the morning. Majors took place as they usually do. The hockey majors worked on their release and battle drills. In soccer campers met their new coach for the next two weeks and had a senior tryout for intercamp.

During lacrosse, the boys worked on position drills focusing on timing and creating space. Lastly, the baseball majors practiced in the field, ground balls, and had a scrimmage.

For choose-up, I went to the waterfront for the first time to snap some shots. The boys did some tubbing. They had a great time. I walked to the field to capture more free-play moments. Kiddos asked me to show them how to take photos. So I showed them how the camera works, and they did a great job! I uploaded some of the pictures to Campanion. Could you tell the difference?

After dinner, all BSC campers head to the gym to witness the Basketball intercamp. The entire campus was thrilled. The team lost at home, unfortunately. Energy hyped the kiddos for our next games. GO Bridgton!

Sunday, July 2

Hello! Day eight recap.

Our very first “Lazy Bones” Sunday! Kiddos got their classic donuts for breakfast and then met for the lineup. After that, they had a free period to play before lunch. The pro and rookie divisions got their phones back to catch up with their family and friends.

I loved to see all the smiles and happiness. The international campers from Spain had their families cheer them up. They are doing a great job here at camp. Most important, having fun!

Following the day hit the road so we could meet our sister camp at Kents Hill for carnival day. We had free skating on the ice rink, trampolines, and a yummy chicken burger dinner. What a day!

Saturday, July 1

Hello! Day seven recap.

We started the day a bit later than usual. French toast and bacon for breakfast and headed to majors right away.

I started my photos at the basketball court. The campers did a little warm-up before some ball-handling drills. They worked on 4on4 flow and ended up with a shooting competition.

After that, I went to the Baseball major. They hit some balls and played a scrimmage. Campers on the soccer field started by working on their dribbling technique and continued with a one-on-one defensive drill.

For golfing, coach Bella worked on chipping the ball into targets. We had a lot of first-timers who learned how to hold a golf club. A good day to learn new things here at camp!

Friday, June 30

Hello! Day six recap.

A rink day! We had a special guest for our hockey mayors. Swaggy P is a stick-handling specialist athlete. He showed the campers new maneuvers, tight turns, and the seniors scrimmaged. They took tons of photos with him. Make sure to log in to Campanion to watch all the action.

Soccer boys worked on combination drills and fundamentals. Soccer majors focused on how to play through balls. After lunch, we had a surprise snack. Ice cream! Everyone needed a sweet break from training hard.

But that’s not it. Our U16 Basketball team tied for 1st place in their tournament with other Maine camps!

At night we had our opening campfire. The kiddos wrote something they wanted to accomplish in the next three weeks on a piece of wood and throw it at the fire. We ended up the night with delicious smores!

Thursday, July 29

Hello! Day five recap.

Finally, a beautiful sunny day! Campers started the day with an energy breakfast and went right up to their majors. Everyone was happy for the weather to be as summer should be. We applied sunscreen to be safe and took lots of water for the day.

Baseball started with some long-distance throwing balls, ending with some fielding drills. The waterfront was a big success. Everyone wanted to swim. Although the field was full of running campers. That just made my day.

By line-up, everyone wanted to be part of the joke of the day. I’m guessing a bucket full of water after a very long day was refreshing.

Tuesday, June 27

Hello! Day three recap.

BSC is starting to look and feel like home. Campers are having a great time at their majors. I will give you more details about practice by sport in the next few days. It’s been a lot to take with all the schedules. I love hearing the boys say things like “I want to try out new things at camp”

So I went to witness some potential golfers. On their first try, hit! After tennis, boys are getting some good skills. After a rest hour and dinner, we went right into BSL. Which, I completely forgot to explain to new parents.

Bridgton Sports Camp has a competition called Bridgton Sports League. We organize various games for the campers to participate in. The competition includes cricket, handball, ultimate frisbee, and kickball.

And let me tell you, pros and seniors had a good game today at cricket. They are just in it! After that, we head back to chill for a bit and shower. Hopefully, tomorrow the sun will shine!

Brenda 🙂

Sunday, June 25

Hello! Day two recap.

Yesterday was a very long but productive day. Campers got an early breakfast and went into the field to play kickball and handball.

After a rest hour to finish unpacking, they did some drills for BSL Combine. Later on, swim test! Everyone did a great job in the water and had a snack before heading into their mayor’s meetings.

Hockey got their gear up to the rink to review safety orientation. Everyone else had a free play! Campers are so happy to be here but tired after dinner and showers. They all get right into bed.

To see more photos of the day, log in to CampMinder.
Brenda 🙂

Saturday, July 24

Arrival Day!

Hello, my name is Brenda Cruz I’m from Cancun, Mexico. I’ll be working on Social Media, photography, and this blog during the summer!

I’ll try to keep you posted on everything that goes around camp.

Yesterday campers started to arrive at noon. Our counselors were ready and excited to meet the boys. As families and busses arrived, campers got to see their rooms for the next three weeks.

After the line-up, we had dinner in groups. Some pros played dodgeball and rookies played kickball. Counselors also helped campers unpack. Getting everything ready for an incredible summer.

Make sure to follow us @bridgtonsportscamp on Instagram and I’ll do my best to keep an eye on all of your kiddos. If I haven’t posted a photo of your boy feel free to send a DM. I’m sure they will have a blast!

Final Camp Blog 2022

Just like that, camp is over. Im taking a stab at the final blog even though I know it won’t come close to what has been written everyday during camp. A big thank you to Logan who made you all feel you were at camp with us each day. He worked all day as an assistant division leader and somehow had the energy to write detailed blogs nightly. The daily blog (and photos by Zoe) were intended to give you a snapshot into our days at camp and some reassurance that your camper was safe and happy.

One of the traditions at camp is writing our goals on a piece of wood and at the final campfire we throw that piece of wood into the fire if that goal has been completed. For the first time in a while I took a piece of wood and wrote the goal “have fun”. Between our canceled summer of 2020 and last summer being very cautious and aware that we were still in a pandemic, camp just didn’t feel “normal”. Missing the inter-camp, trips, and socials in 2021 made me realize how necessary they are to making Bridgton extra special and having all of those events this year made camp exceptional. I can tell you that personally I had a blast this summer and camp felt “normal”. Goal accomplished!

I can’t end without a big THANK YOU to our administration, counselors, coaches, parents, and campers. Combined we are a strong camp community that help make the BSC experience unforgettable each summer. Looking forward to summer 2023!