Friday, July 14

Hello! Last day Session One recap.

Sorry for the delay on this blog days just flew by after our last day. I wanted to write about our amazing campers for session one. Hard to forget the first day they arrived. Everyone was nervous and excited at the same time.

I’m so grateful for every single moment we spent together. You truly have the most wonderful kids. At some point, it felt like I had 140 little brothers. Talented at their majors and funny to be around. Meals were surrounded by laughter every day.

The last day was such a bittersweet moment. We had a special banquet, photoshoot, and a slide show with all the best moments of the past three weeks. Rookies called out every camper that showed up and cheered on all counselors.

Then we had pros and seniors. It was a great last meal together. After that, we had our closing campfire. Kiddos got to sing and win BSC merch. They had a good night’s sleep and got ready to leave.

The morning was full of happy tears, mostly from me. Glad I met some of you guys. Thanks for following our journey. Hope to see you next year!

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