Wednesday – UPDATE

It’s Color War!! On Wednesday morning, we broke Color War for the campers, featuring the most recent NBA and NHL champions, per tradition. So we have the Lakers, donned in yellow, and the Lightning in Blue, as the two sides for this year’s competition, with every camper assigned to one of the two teams. In addition to our counselor captains heading each side, we also have captains within each division to lead and motivate their teams. So after breakfast sandwiches in the AM, we started our first day of 2021, Session One Color War.

We still had our regular majors before lunch, though. They were just full of competition for Color War points, while still emphasizing the teaching points of the first 16 days of camp. So at the basketball court, campers still went through individual skill work, like shooting and ball-handling, but under the guise of competition. The last 40 minutes of the period was spent in an intense scrimmage between the Lightning and Lakers, with the winner receiving the majority of the points distribution. Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball, and Soccer all followed similar patterns, with the start of each period consisting of skillwork competitions, and ending with our most competitive scrimmages of the session. It is Color War, after all.

The afternoon featured various competitions split up by age group, also for Color War points. For example, the rookie division competed in sports like handball and soccer, divided into their Color War teams, for points. The seniors and pros each had absolutely rollicking games of basketball at the arena, with much of their peers cheering them on from the bleachers. After the afternoon events had concluded, we headed to another full-camp lineup, where we recapped the entirety of the day’s events and points breakdown. After a cookout dinner of some burgers and dogs, with sides, the campers had free time to roam the fields, courts, and Wolverine’s Den to watch Game 4 of the NBA Finals before heading to bed.

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