Wednesday, June 29

Today was a quintessential day for Bridgton Sports Camp. Lacrosse maintained their focus on skill and stick work while basketball went live with some one on one and three on three games. Soccer worked on combination drills and played a counselor versus camper scrimmage. To no surprise the counselor team was dominant however we expect this to change by the end of camp. Baseball worked on passing, fielding and concluded with a scrimmage. There was a scrimmage in hockey today as well that ended in a close score with great competitive effort from both sides. The dinner tonight was tacos which are always a camper favorite. BSL continued with the second day of intense competition. There are no clear teams pulling ahead yet but we will keep you updated on night four. You can’t complete a perfect day at Bridgton Sports Camp without a campfire to bring everyone together. Every year we pass out small pieces of wood and the campers are asked to write a couple goals they have for this summer. These goals are often relating to athletic endeavors but we encourage the campers to also set goals to improve teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and kindness. At the first camp fire a camper from each age division shares their own definition of each of these traits. On the last night of camp during the closing campfire the campers will throw their piece of wood into the fire if they feel they’ve completed their goal. This tradition has been with us since the beginning of Bridgton Sports Camp and underscores how important we find character development to be in any young person. After the goal setting was explained s’mores were enjoyed by campers and counselors alike. As the fire turned to embers the boys headed down to bed ready for the busy days to come. See you tomorrow!

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