Wednesday, July 27

Another phenomenal day at Bridgton Sports Camp. The morning majors went well. In lacrosse the boys split into offense and defense groups working on positioning and scoring. Out on the ice the boys did battle drills all day working on body contact and later in the day they did reaction drills. In basketball the majors ran through three on three games focusing on intensity. During baseball the boys played a scrimmage. Soccer majors continued small area competitions. In the evening we had our first campfire which is always highly anticipated. The boys are each given a piece of wood where they are asked to write a couple goals. If they achieve their goals at the closing campfire they will throw their piece of wood into the fire. During this campfire we had counselors and campers read their own definitions of the BSC values: friendship, loyalty, teamwork, kindness and sportsmanship. Discussing these values with the campers is a helpful way to frame their goal setting. As the fire burnt out the campers talked amongst themselves and enjoyed s’mores. It was a great ending to the day. Go BSC!

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