It was another picture-perfect, Maine summer day at camp. The sun was shining and there was still a little breeze to keep everyone comfortable. We enjoyed french toast and hearty bowls of oatmeal, along with our regular breakfast items, this morning. The popsicles at the end of lunch were a big hit, but the highlight was the delicious strawberry shortcake dessert that followed our meal of meatloaf and potatoes and/or pasta and sauces with vegetables and loaves of warm bread.

I visited lots of minors today—and the boys were having a great time everywhere I looked. Some campers were getting very close to the target at the archery range (and the boards were back a good distance). Our volleyball games were competitive, and I was impressed with the long play between points. Down at the lake, the boys were tubing behind the boat and fishing from the end of the point. I did not see any fish being reeled-in, but I am sure there will still be lots of stories of great fishing success! And finally the lanyards and bead designs being created in Arts and Crafts were quite impressive (some lucky family members will most certainly be receiving some thoughtfully, hand-crafted gifts at the end of camp!)

This evening was a chance for the boys to have “Free-Play.” They were out on the fields organizing pick-up soccer and flag football games, and in the gym playing basketball, and gathered around the GaGa Pit cheering each other on!

We are closing out the night with our Opening Campfire—a favorite tradition at Bridgton Sports Camp! More on this special event in tomorrow’s post!

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