The weather is warming up. The place to be was on the ice or down at the lake.

Big happening up on the ice this morning. J P Dumont was here skating with our hockey majors. He did drills with them, and was kind enough to answer questions at the end of period. If you don’t follow hockey I will give you a little info. Jean-Pierrre was drafted 3rd overall in the 96 NHL draft for the Islanders. He played for the Blackhawks, Sabres, & Preditors.

The 15 and under boys left camp for a dodgeball game. We won in a tiebreaker. Eleven and under hosted another camp for a basketball game. The boys played hard and had some amazing baskets, but we couldn’t stop the other camp from outscoring us in the end.

Tonight the Wolverine Den will be transformed into the Monte Carlo of Bridgton. It’s Casino Night!!!!! Rumor has it there will be a camel race. Campers will make a wager. Camel names/odds….
Sensitive Fury – 4 to 1
Weeping Oaks – 3 to 1
The Peoples Elbow- 6 to 1
Last but not least, Pursuit of Happiness- 14 to 1
Blackjack, roulette, craps, and high rollers go upstairs for poker.
Stay tuned for the pictures tomorrow.

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