Color War has begun! This morning at breakfast, we had a great surprise. While we were listening to the day’s announcements, the front doors burst open and Slugger, the awesome Sea Dogs’ Mascot, came running in to Break Color War! The teams were divided up and everyone headed to the gym for the first event—Dodgeball!

Throughout the next few days, campers will compete in all sorts of games and activities to earn points for their teams (this year we have the red team-Cavaliers and the yellow team-Penguins). Today, there was a big kickball game, a “Chopped” cooking competition, and a “Jeopardy” contest.

In between Color War events, there is still time for the boys to get work-outs in, in their majors, and we are still waiting to crown the BSL Champs of the session. This evening’s activities included games in flag football, street hockey and ultimate Frisbee.

It has been a spectacular, Maine, summer day outside—the sun was shining all day and it is a perfect temperature for sleeping tonight!

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