U15 Flag Football Game

It was a gorgeous Lazy Bones Sunday! The sun was out and barely any clouds in the sky, and my favorite part, there was hardly any humidity out! With all those combinations, it made the perfect Sunday for the campers!

All the campers slept in until morning Line-up at 10:00, and if they wanted breakfast they could have donuts, yogurt, cereal, toast, and fruit. After breakfast, we had Free Time where the campers could go to the soccer and baseball fields, basketball court, street hockey, Gaga Pit, and Arts and Crafts. There were even some campers who went waterskiing because they haven’t gone yet. Up on the soccer field, there were campers who were playing World Cup, and some lacrosse campers who were taking shots on the goal. On the courts, there were 3 v 3 games, shooting, 1 v 1, and campers working on getting better. On the baseball field, there were campers and counselors batting and catching. There were even some campers in Arts and Crafts making objects out of Perler Beads. There also was a group at the Gaga Pit who had fun playing against other campers. At 11:00 we had the Women’s World Cup on for the campers and counselors to watch.

After lunch, we had our Rest Hour before the home U15 Flag Football game. All the campers went and watched the game for the first half. Both camps played very well, but our opponents ended up winning. We had 2 quarterbacks and both threw very well and helped us get multiple touchdowns. All our players had good hands and caught the football many times. While the Flag Football game was going on we had our counselor versus campers softball game, and we decided to mix campers and counselors together.
After both games, we had Line-up where the campers found out they could go to the waterfront and still go to the places they went this morning to have fun. There were a few campers who went to the waterfront and played in the water. There was a big game of World Cup on the soccer field, and we even had a counselor teaching a couple of campers how to play field hockey. We also had some campers batting at the baseball fields and some campers at the Gaga Pit. A big group of campers went to Arts and Crafts to make cool art projects.

Once dinner was over, all the campers got their phones back to call home or their friends. After their phone calls, the Rookies headed up to Humanities to have some fun before heading to bed. We also had a U12 Kick Ball game and we beat the other camp! All the campers in the game had fun and demonstrated great sportsmanship.

Overall, today was a good day because we were able to sleep in and the campers were outside enjoying the sun and free time.

Tomorrow is a normal schedule, but on Tuesday we are going to Fun Town Splash Town!

Thank you for reading the blog, and hopefully, you had a sunny Sunday!

Until tomorrow

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