Tuesday & Wednesday: Funtown Splashtown and Start of Color War!

Tuesday Updates: Funtown Splashtown, White Water Rafting, and Red Sox Game

All the Pros, Rookies, and some Seniors went to Funtown Splashtown yesterday while the rest of the Seniors went White Water Rafting and the CITs went to a Red Sox Game.
It was a perfect day yesterday. It was very sunny and hot but all the campers had fun! In Funtown, the campers could go on different amusement park rides such as rollercoasters, drop tower, teacups and many more! In Splashtown, the campers could go down all kinds of water slides. There were slides made for tubes and others where they could race each other.

We also announced Color War while we were at there and we did that by having a security guard and manager talk to the whole group saying that everyone was not following the rules and things like that. The manager ended his speech by saying that the Color War is here.

Once everyone got back from their different trips, we had the dodgeball game, and the campers found out which team they were on which were either the Raptors or the Saint Louis Blues.

Wednesday: Color War Continued

We had late wake-up, and when the campers woke up they all were very excited to start Color War and to start winning!

After breakfast, the different divisions split up to play games such as Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball, and Flag Football. The Pros were in 2 different groups by their hall because there are so many Pros this session.

Then it was off to majors where they did different skill competitions or played different games. The hockey players did skating, shooting, and different relay races. The soccer players had a scrimmage, and the baseball majors played different games such as Ground Ball Knockout. The basketball and lacrosse majors also did different games and competitions.

After lunch and rest hour, we had the track and field events, the cook-off, and Jeopardy. The different track and field events are throwing a football and baseball, a cross country run, 100m race, and more! The cook-off is an event where every group is given a piece of cake and a banana and the campers could choose 4 more ingredients to make the best looking and tasting dish.

Before dinner, the Pros and Seniors had their BSL Semifinals and the Rookies had their Semifinals after dinner.

Overall the past two days have been very busy but the campers are having a lot of fun! They are demonstrating great sportsmanship and respect to their opposing teams.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and I hope everyone had a great couple of days!

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