Tuesday, June 28

Today was a big day for Bridgton Sports Camp. BSL has officially commenced and with the implementation of new games and well balanced teams consisting of campers from each age division, we are ready for spirited competition. Lacrosse majors worked on their passing and defense. Basketball majors had their first live game this afternoon and the campers were thrilled. In both basketball and lacrosse the coaches gathered footage in order to review later and improve on technical skills. The hockey off ice training was very tiring consisting of sprints and a push-up challenge. The lake was glassy and the sun was shining down at the waterfront. The boys went tubing today and we are proud to say that not a single camper was able to hold on for the entire duration of the period. During choose up our minor coaches put together mini games and challenges to give the campers an opportunity to improve at their sport in a less intense environment than majors. We are expecting great weather for tomorrow and we will be continuing full steam ahead with majors and BSL.

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