Tuesday, July 6 UPDATE

The second Tuesday of session 1, was a classic BSC day. The sun was hot once again, but it wasn’t a scorcher like we had the first week, with the temperature in the low 80’s during the hottest parts of the day.

After everyone’s favorite breakfast of french toast sticks, we had our usual assortment of majors. Hockey majors continued with their focus on refining skating techniques with some edge work, followed by the usual afternoon of scrimmages divided by age group. Baseball had quite a competitive session, with a lengthy coach-pitch scrimmage leading into some ground-ball knockout at the end of the period. The baseball counselors are complimentary of the effort and competitive spirit their campers are putting in each day. Over at soccer, the majors worked on their individual skills, combining shooting, passing, and dribbling, before involving the goalies for some all-around work. The last half of the period featured a scrimmage, ending in a tense penalty shootout after a 1-1 draw in full-time. Our basketball majors continued with their individual skill work, with a focus on paint offense. Footwork around the basket and finishing were major teaching points of the day. Eventually they finished with the first 5-on-5 major scrimmage of the session, started to transfer their skill work to live action. And finally, lacrosse had a day of 3-on-2 situations, before focusing on some position-specific skills. All in all, a productive day up on the fields, court, and rink.

The rookie and pro divisions continued their respective singles tournaments up on the tennis tournaments, with some particularly thrilling match-ups in the rookie division ending in tiebreakers. We ended the night with a day of free play up on the fields, including a few exciting rounds of World Cup soccer. Lastly, the pros and seniors gathered in their dorms or the Wolverine’s Den to catch the beginning of Game One of the NBA Finals between the Bucks and Suns. Another successful summer day up in Bridgton, Maine!

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