Tuesday, July 26

The weather was gorgeous today at Bridgton Sports Camp! For breakfast the boys enjoyed scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes. Following the meal we had majors. Baseball players started with dynamic stretching before covering all of the basics from throwing to hitting. On the ice our hockey majors played mini games before participating in shooting stations. Lacrosse players continued locking in their stick skills and then played box lacrosse. Basketball majors began with ball handling and later transitioned their basics into a full scrimmage. The soccer boys ran through combination drills and then worked on making plays with minimal area. All across the board our staff has been very impressed with the effort and athleticism that our campers demonstrate each day. In the evening campers continued competing in BSL. Each week we rank the cleanliness of the camper’s rooms on a ten point scale. The winners each week get to go into Bridgton for ice cream. Today we took the winner for each age division and it was a blast. It is very fun to reward the boys for prioritizing maintaining a clean living space and we hope this behavior follows them all home. After a very active day the guys are all tired and excited for tomorrow. Go BSC!

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