Tuesday, July 12

Today was an outstanding day at BSC. It is day two of color war and the competition is intense. Points are awarded for all athletic events from mini games to majors. Points are also distributed for sportsmanship and kindness which can be demonstrated anywhere on campus. In soccer the boys played a scrimmage which the Warriors won. During basketball there was a three point shootout followed up by ball handling drills which the Avalanche won. In baseball there were relay drills and a round of ‘the gauntlet’ which the Avs also won. Our lacrosse majors did a shootout and played a game of horse where they spelled out the word lacrosse. Out on the ice the hockey majors competed in target shooting and other mini competitions. The scores from hockey and lacrosse are still being determined. In the afternoon all age divisions rotated through cricket, kickball, ultimate, handball, basketball and soccer. After dinner the campers had free play before going up to the dining hall for ice cream sundae night. Once a session we bring the boys up and give them the choice of many kinds of ice cream and toppings. Sundae night is a great way to reward the campers for the hard work and focus that they have displayed for the previous two weeks. Tomorrow is day three of color war and we are stoked to watch the competition continue.

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