Tuesday and Wednesday Updates

Updates from yesterday: The whole camp went to the Sea Dogs baseball game. Instead of going to one game, we actually watched a doubleheader against the Yard Goats! Each game was only 7 innings though. Both games were tons of fun to watch, and the campers were hyped during all of it. They got excited about the home runs the Sea Dogs hit and trying to catch foul balls. There were some lucky campers who did get some baseballs! The campers had fun dancing, and getting onto the jumbotron. Overall, the baseball games were a lot of fun, and the campers made many memories there!

Today was a good day as well because we ended it with a camp-wide capture the flag game!

We had a late wake up because today was a day off for some counselors and that also meant no BSL.

We had a normal rest of the day, so the campers went to their first and second periods. The hockey majors worked on different ways of passing such as forehand, backhand, and saucing, shooting, stick handling, 1 v 1, and 2 v 1.

We also had a good lunch of barbecue chicken and waffle fries! After lunch was rest hour were many campers got ready for the flag football game against a local camp while others rested and slept.

The campers playing in the flag football game headed out after rest hour while the rest of them went to their normal third and fourth periods. The hockey majors scrimmaged the whole time in each period.

At Line-up we found out that we won the flag football game 40-0! The joke of the day was:

Why do cows go to school?
-To get an edumoooocation

For dinner, we had pasta and breadsticks with brownies for dessert!

After dinner, we had the capture the flag game! The campers were split up into 2 teams, and they played from the archery field to the field behind the baseball field. It was a fun game to watch, and the campers had a lot of fun trying to get the flag or tagging other campers! Eventually, one team did come out on top by grabbing the flag and running back to their side!

After the game, it was free time, so the Rookies went and showered and came up for a snack which was candy. The Pros and Seniors just had free time and also came up to get candy.

The past two days were very busy, but the campers made many new memories which they will cherish forever!

Until tomorrow!

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