Tournament Win

Today there was a basketball inter-camp hosted by Camp Micah. We sent two groups of 15 and under and two groups of 12 and under. The games were three on three. This was a single elimination tournament. Both of our fifteen and under teams made it to the finals. In other words we came in first and second and brought a trophy home. Three cheers for BSC.

During choose up boys continued their round robin in tennis and basketball. Fourth and fifth periods were minors. Good work in archery, and I heard there were quite a few fish caught in the lake.

Soccer majors worked on dribbling through cones and shooting drills. Hockey majors worked on speed and edges. Baseball majors hit, ran the bases, and fielders had to make a play at each base. It was a great drill to watch.

Winners of room inspection are going out of camp for ice cream this evening.

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