Thursday/Friday Update

Two spectacular days in a row. Ruby actually got up on the field for a little football.

At line up today we heard accomplishments that were made around camp. Counselors are eager to share the campers achievements. We had shout outs in practically every sport including fishing. It’s great to hear what our fellow campers are doing around BSC

Tonight we finally got to have our first camp fire. This is a more solemn and serious occasion. The ashes from last season were added to the fire. Koop spoke to us about traditions, making friends, and appreciating the moment. Some of the veteran counselors reiterated this and talked about some life lessons, and things they actually learn from their campers. New campers stood and one of our older campers from last year read the BSC pledge. We listened to one of our campers play the guitar. You could hear a pin drop. He was awesome! After that we cheered had some fun and roasted marshmallows and had smores.

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