Thursday update

On the fields all morning. Sunny skies, a breeze, and no humidity! Perfect for lax, the pitch, baseball, flag football, archery, and Ruby! Campers gave a thumbs up for lunch. We had sloppy joe’s with mac & cheese.

After rest hour we cheered for our hockey guys. They played against Camp Wildwood. We lost, but we skated hard and really worked well as a team. Everyone enjoyed watching them skate.

Fifth period I finally made it to the weight room. First time I’ve been there this summer. Some of the boys were doing a routine that “Big Steve” made up for them. These camper’s are really working hard. Rumor has it …. many go back at night for some extra time and help. Thank you Steve!

Tonight was cookout. We ate up on the hill with our favorite counselors. I’m sure everyone was looking forward to phone calls and catching their families up on the happenings at BSC.

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