Thursday: Pro-Social!

The camp was on a normal schedule today, the first time in a couple of days! It was the perfect day for it too because the sun was out, and it was not too humid either!
Everyone woke up at the normal 7:45 am time and ate breakfast and went straight to BSL. For BSL, the Rookies played Handball, Spike Ball, and Gaga while the Pros and Seniors played Newcomb, Cricket, and Ultimate Frisbee.

In the first period, the hockey majors worked on small area games with 2 forwards and 1 defenseman. The soccer majors worked on passing and footwork before doing a scrimmage. In the baseball minor, the campers were split into 2 teams and played a game, and they ended the period by doing a relay race. For the relay race, every camper had to hit all the bases and tag their next teammate, and the losing team had to do 10 pushups. The campers at the waterfront had a lot of fun by trying new activities.
The campers worked hard in the second period in every activity they did while having fun.

The campers had their rest hour after lunch, and many decided to take a nap.

The third and fourth period also went well, and the campers enjoyed their activities! The hockey players scrimmaged, did a drill, and played some games.

Today we had Choose Up, and many campers chose to play a game called Man Hunt which is a mixture of hide and seek and tag. The campers had to hide from the camper who is “it”, and if the camper who is “it” finds the others who are hiding they could get tagged and joined the camper who is “it.” The rest of the campers played soccer and lacrosse on the soccer field and baseball at the baseball field. Some even played basketball in the gym.

At Line-up we had 2 campers tell a joke, but the person who got the bucket of water was a counselor!

For dinner, we had rice, beef, and cooked broccoli. For dessert, we had a chocolate ice cream bar!

We ended the day watching Infinity Wars and eating Fruit Roll-Ups! The Pros ended their night having their social! The Pro-Social is when only the Pros go up to the ice rink and skate with a local girls’ camp. It is always a riot to watch, and the boys always have a good time hanging out with the girls and their friends!

Everyone had a great day, and we ended it the best way!

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope you had a great Thursday!

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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