Thursday, June 30

Today was a great day at BSC for a number of reasons. One: laundry came back so they boys are all looking and feeling fresh. Two: for dinner we ate barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli and every camper’s favorite: garlic knots. And three: BSL is as competitive as ever with no teams clearly pulling away yet the competition is setting up to be steep all the way through the playoffs. The baseball boys broke out the radar gun to test their bat speed and throwing speeds. They also played a rousing game of groundball knockout. Lacrosse players transitioned from their skill work to shooting drills as they continue to nail down their essentials. Over on the ice we had a guest coach sharpening the boys’ edgework and developing their power skating skills. It is always a treat to have a new coach working with the boys offering a fresh perspective. On the pitch soccer majors worked on their movement off the ball, short range passing and then transitioned into various scrimmage scenarios. In basketball the boys continued their circle ball handling and practiced boxing out. During choose up we had a box lacrosse clinic in the street hockey rink. We also put up the anticipated weight room leaderboard which prompts campers and counselors to set records in simple calisthenic exercises like push ups, dips, planks, wall sits and pull ups. We are nearing the end of the first week and there is a lot to look forward to coming up, namely the Sea Dogs game. Stay tuned for more BSC news!

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