Thursday, July 21

It was an exciting day at Bridgton Sports Camp! In the morning majors took place as usual and ran smoothly. In each of the majors the campers are continuing to focus on the basics of offense and defense before transitioning into live games early next week. With highs of ninety degrees in the morning and an afternoon full of scattered thunderstorms it is safe to say the weather was very chaotic today in Bridgton. Despite the obstacles presented by the rain we put together several activities to keep the campers engaged and active in the afternoon. The first activity was a free skate out on the ice rink. The hockey players get plenty of ice time but it is always fun to watch all of the campers get to try out the rink. The second activity was an escape room in the Humanities Center. The campers were put in various groups and given a series of puzzles that grew increasingly more challenging. The first group to finish the puzzles received a candy prize. Naturally, this incentive created fierce competition. Our third activity was a free swim down at the waterfront. We were able to get each division down to the lake for an hour despite the hectic weather. A cool off period down at the lake was much needed after the tremendously hot temperatures over the last few days. Tomorrow majors will continue and we aren’t expecting any weather complications. Go BSC!

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