Thursday, July 14

It was a sentimental and sensational last day at BSC. In the morning the BSL championship took place. The Bowdoin Polar Bears came out victorious for our rookie division. In the pro/ senior division the Colorado Buffalos took home the trophy after an intense game of handball that ended in a penalty shootout. After BSL the boys got signed up for the Whacked Up Relay. This lengthy relay race is the last and most important even of color war. With more than twenty stations all of the campers participate in at least one leg of the race. With events ranging from a three point contest to a bed making race the Whacked Up Relay is equal parts humbling and hilarious. After over an hour of competition one team came out with the win. Congratulations to the Avalanche for successful athleticism and sportsmanship. While only one team could win both teams fought hard all the way to the end. After the celebration the campers finished packing and got ready for the final dinner. Dressed to the nines the boys enjoyed chicken parmesan and garlic bread. Session one could not conclude without the final campfire. During this campfire the counselors and campers share special memories and celebrate their success over the last three weeks. The celebration includes a slideshow of the best photos from the session, a raffle of BSC merchandise and a special BSC tradition. As was previously mentioned in the early days of camp the boys write their goals for camp on small pieces of wood. At the closing fire the campers toss their piece of wood into the fire as a moment of conclusion for their time here in Bridgton. The ashes from the last fire are used to ignite the first campfire of the next summer. Session one is in the books and we couldn’t be more grateful for the effort, kindness and dedication all of the campers showed these last three weeks. A huge thank you to the campers, counselors and families. It has been a privilege and we hope to see everyone back at BSC next summer.

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