Everyone enjoyed the opening campfire last night-especially the opportunity to spend time together as an entire camp under the peaceful Maine sky. All campers have recorded their goals for this season (on small pieces of wood) which will be shared with fellow campers at the closing campfire when these pieces of wood will be added to the fire. The ashes from the previous seasons are kept and added to the next year’s campfires. This symbol of continuity is a tradition that reminds our campers how all years and campers at Bridgton Sports Camp will always be “connected!”

In our activities today, the Majors had very productive sessions:

Soccer did some technical warm-up drills (working on volleying and touch). They focused on shooting and defense-in-transition during the practice before finishing with a fun shooting drill and a scrimmage.

Lacrosse spent time working on man-up, fast-break and 4v3 drills. They eventually worked into a full field 4v3 activity/scrimmage that kept all players hustling.

Basketball worked on passing and shooting drills for much of their practice time today. During the second half of the period, they held a spirited scrimmage where all players had a chance to showcase their refreshed passing and shooting skills!

Hockey opened with a passing series while goaltenders worked with Coach Jake. The four stations consisted of a stop-and-start 1v1 battle, Wolverine 2 puck drill, Union back-check Drill, and a 2v2 drill with Coach Tomi.

The lake looked perfect for canoeing and wakeboarding and waterskiing, and the warm temperatures made these activities even more enticing today. Koop was spotted playing basketball this afternoon—and I bet he joined the several campers planning to swim and cool off in the lake during “Choose-up!”

At lunch there were at least 6 different types of create-your-own sandwiches offered, and the salad bar offered local greens and tomatoes and home-made hummus with fresh veggies for dipping. This evening, we celebrated a successful day with our first dinner cook-out.

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