A tradition at BSC is our Lazy Bones Sunday. Campers are thrilled to have a sleep in till 9. Not everyone takes advantage of this extra hour. There are plenty of rookies and some pros down at the gaga pit, but they know to keep the cheering down to a low roar so not to wake the other campers.

On Lazy Bones we take a break from our typical schedules of majors and minors. This morning Koop opened the rink for free skating. Anyone that wanted to skate could. Soccer, lax, baseball, and basketball majors now have a great respect for our hockey guys. They make skating look so effortless.

There was a tryout for a 13 and under soccer inter camp, and the 15 and unders had a practice for the big game tonight.

Lunch was cold cuts. In addition to turkey and ham we had tuna & egg salad. There were choices between rolls. flat bread and wraps. I was amazed at how creative some of the sandwiches were.

After rest hour we had a full afternoon of laser tag, slip n slide, and soccer. Does any of this sound like a lazy bones Sunday?

The high point of the day had to be the 15 and under basketball game. Camper dressed in white to show their solidarity. It was a white out and the gym was on fire. It was a really close game, but we prevailed and won. Final score 41-36


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