Sunday, June 26

It is the first full day of camp and we could not have asked for more beautiful weather. The main focus today was introduction and organization. Hockey, baseball and lacrosse players took their equipment to their locker rooms and went over a few rules with veteran counselors. Each division rotated through several games such as cricket, dodgeball and kickball. In the afternoon the campers each took a water safety test down at the lake which provided a perfect opportunity for everyone to cool off after their busy morning. Following lunch the campers enjoyed a rest hour, finished unpacking and continued getting to know their roommates.

The campers were excited to receive their weekly schedules today that contain all of the activities they will be participating in this summer. After they got the chance to compare their different periods and ask questions we continued on with more activities. Our basketball counselors hosted a pickup game on the outdoor courts while the hockey counselors put together mini games at the street hockey rink. Down at the iconic Wolve’s Den campers played ping pong, cards and pool.

In the evening the campers participated in a skills combine in order to form the teams for one of our most anticipated daily events: Bridgton Sports League (BSL). During this league campers play ‘tennis-baseball,’ gaga, handball, ultimate frisbee and cricket. The teams are composed of campers from all age divisions. BSL exposes campers to different sporting events while introducing them to new friends and almost always creates spirited competition.

The last item on day one’s itinerary was teaching the campers about one of our most cherished traditions: line up. During lineup counselors summarize what took place throughout the day while shouting out campers who performed admirably in their sport or demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship.

The evening brought some much needed cooler temperatures and time for the campers to wind down. Day one is in the books and we couldn’t be more excited to jump into the regular schedule tomorrow.

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  1. My Grandson is attending camp this year so I would love to follow what is going on at baseball camp. His name is Tuckerman Perry.

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