An overcast, cooler day set the stage for a perfect “Lazy Bones Sunday”. Campers slumbered late and then feasted on the breakfast and Dunkin Donuts treats. Sundays are quite low-key in the mornings, and the guys enjoy this time to take things more slowly than usual. However, by late morning, everyone is usually ready for some activity!
This week, the 1st Sunday special event was broomball and the campers had a blast playing this crazy variation of hockey/street hockey. Each group, Rookies, Pro’s and Seniors, had a designated game and time up at the Ice Rink.
Lunch today was an assortment of fajitas, salads and M&M cookies, and following the meal, the counselors introduced a new BSC activity/competition called “Dorm Wars.” The contests, among the floors in each of the dorms, began immediately after “Rest Hour”. The dorms challenged each other in flag football, Whiffle-ball, kickball, and volleyball. Also, held this afternoon were some of the BSL play-off games.
The evening activity is phone calls home and then free play!

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