Mariano our soccer coach has been kind enough to contribute to this blog……

“Time flies when you are having fun! Two weeks of pure soccer. It has been a wonderful summer so far for soccer minors and majors. I would only wish I could coach this group of boys for the entire summer. From the basics to the most advance concepts of soccer, the campers had a chance to show me their love for the sport and desire to improve their skills. From possession-based small sided games to challenging shooting and finishing drills, the boys were great at finding the perfect balance between a serious soccer workout and just plain fun.

Throughout these weeks, the scrimmages at the end of every practice were the highlights of the day, either among campers or against skillful counselors, campers had a blast simply playing the most beautiful game in the world. The scrimmages were not only a reward after a practice day filled with hard work and challenges, but mainly an excuse to capture and enjoy the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that characterizes the ideals of Bridgton Sports Camp.”

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