Sea Dogs Game

Close game but the Sea Dogs were not victorious. I heard the fire works were incredible after the game. Even better then the 4th of July! The buses pulled in late and Koop let the boys have an extra hour of sleep this morning.

Majors never know what’s in store for them…..

This morning hockey was split into two groups. A scrimmage on the ice and the other half got some sun up on the field. Coach Mike put them through a mini boot camp. Lotta drills geared towards strength and agility.

Baseball majors loved using the new pitching machine. We have some real sluggers. The Sea Dogs could have used us last night!

Soccer majors played “soccer tennis” on the volley ball court. The boys were amazing. They really showed Coach Green how they could keep the ball in the air.

Lax had their own scrimmage on the field with some very competitive play.

I caught the tail end of basketball and they ended their period with some fast paced drills.

Chicken nuggets for lunch, a quick rest hour, and our 10 and under campers hosted Camp Wigwam with a soccer and Gaga match. Soccer was a tight match. We lost by one goal. I don’t think the boys from Wigwam ever played gaga, but we explained the rules and BSC won the best out of five games.

A jam packed day from 9-5. Perfect night to see a movie up in the air conditioned Humanities building.

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