Today was the last day of July, and it was a great one up here at BSC! Our last full Saturday of Session Two ended week two, which finished with a typical schedule during the day time.

Majors happened in the morning, after a breakfast of french toast and sausage. As we near the end of camp, the competition within major periods is growing as well. Basketball
featured plenty of competitive drills, from 2v1 to full 5v5. Lacrosse and soccers majors did the same, with campers learning how to attack the net from various positions on the field. Hockey held their two sessions per division as well, with morning session focusing on edge work and scrimmages taking up the afternoon. Lastly, baseball did not fully scrimmage, but held competitive fielding, running, and throwing drills.

The afternoon minor periods were also competitive, with games going on in everything from flag football to volleyball. There were of course, more relaxed activities too, such as driving golf balls at the local range or getting out to the waterfront.

Lastly, Saturday was movie night, with the campers staying up late before our Lazy Sunday to watch a few flicks. Goodburger and Space Jam 2 were two of our choices. As week 3 approaches, it’s hard to believe the summer is nearly over, but we’re making the most of our time left!

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