Pizza Friday!

It was a hot, sunny, humid day out, but that did not keep the campers from smiling and having fun at their sports! We also had 3 inter-camp games as well! It was a busy day!
Every camper woke up to sunshine in the morning which improved everyone’s mood by wanting to work hard and have fun. We also had the campers who signed up for the street hockey game head out after breakfast.
We had a great BSL today. The campers played dodgeball, handball, kickball, Gaga, and spike ball. Every game was competitive, but they still had fun.
During the first period, many campers had their majors. In hockey, they worked on their edges to help them become better skaters. The lacrosse majors worked on passing on the run, and the basketball majors had different stations to help them with shooting, defending, and passing. The other campers had minors. In the weight training minor, they worked on strengthening their legs and arms, and instead of doing the volleyball minor, they played badminton and bean bag toss.
In the second period, there was the fishing minor, and there was one camper who caught 3 fish, and another camper who caught one. There also was a camper who had a fish on his line, but the fish got away before he could pull it up.
For lunch, we had chicken nuggets and fries, and cake for dessert. Straight after lunch, all campers and counselors went to Rest Hour.
When the third period rolled around, there were campers who had the home soccer and kickball games to go and play in. While those campers were playing, the rest had a regular day going to their minors. The hockey players had a scrimmage out on the ice as usual.
The games were still going on during the fourth period, and many campers chose to watch the game. The hockey players still went out on the ice for a scrimmage and had fun!
During Line-up we found out that we won all the games today! This is the first time in a long time that we won three inter-camp games in one day! Every camper was very hyped and happy about it!
Everyone was excited for dinner because it was pizza and pop with a Popsicle to finish it off! We also celebrated a birthday as well!
The campers had Free Time after dinner, and once again Gaga was the hotspot to be at. For snack we the famous Scooby Snacks gummies! Upstairs in Humanities, we had a camper teach some others about Snooker.
It was a humid day, but the campers drank lots of water and put on sunscreen and of course had a blast!
Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and please wish the camper a very happy birthday!
More updates are coming!

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  1. It was a wonderful surprise to get a phone call from our birthday boy! It was great to catch up with him and hear about how much he is enjoying camp (a lot!!!!). A thank you to all who watch over the campers, mentor them and keep them safe…oh yes, and busy, too:)

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