Opening Campfire

After a slight delay, we held the 3rd annual BSC opening campfire last night and I am pleased to report it was our best one yet.

In keeping with tradition, last year’s campfire ashes were placed in the pit and our youngest camper assisted us in bringing the fire to life. A veteran counsellor started off the night with an inspirational message about giving back to your community and doing good onto others. His wisdom really hit home with our young boys and men…you could hear a pin drop as he spoke of his own incredible effort to help those who are less fortunate. Camper participation was at an all-time high this year, with campers of all ages sharing personal stories about overcoming their fears, taking risks, and the immeasurable benefits of coming to camp. It was amazing to see the positive messages and brotherly nature coming from BSC campers. We topped off the night with a quick song (‘Stand by Me’) and sticky sweet S’mores, yum!

Today, unfortunately, was a rainy one, but we still managed to focus on the positive. Lunch was a delicious spread of chimichangas, rice, and cornbread. Dinner was equally appetizing with a menu of BBQ chicken, baked potatoes and veggies. We also lucked out in the dessert department with two of our favourites, chocolate chip cookies and ice-pops. Even better, after a few days of minimal mail (due to the holiday) the North Bridgton post office had so many parcels and packages for us, they offered to deliver. How sweet of them!

Tonight is Casino Night, another BSC tradition – tune in tomorrow to see if anyone had a lucky streak!

*NEWSFLASH* – check out our photo page to see how well our campers represented youth sport and Bridgton Sports Camp at the Portland Sea Dogs game last Thursday. We apologize for the delay, but promise it is worth the wait! We are so proud of them!

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