Monday Update

What a day!!!! The morning was our major and a minor. I watched all the majors today. Each sport does a series of stretches then drills. There is plenty of instruction always with a demonstration first. Then they usually break down into smaller groups and work on what they’re being taught. Be proud… they are really working hard. More that one coach has commented on what a good job they’re dong.

BRIDGE WHAT???? Our soccer team came back from intercamp with a 9-1 victory. The boys played like they’ve been a team for months. They all stood during line up and Dillon told us how each camper contributed to the match. They could hear us cheering all the way to Naples! We are so proud of them!!!!!

Dinner was build your own tacco. With apple pie for desert. Our flag football team ate a little before us, and left for Camp Indian Acres. The dinning room was unusually quiet with out them. We are all patiently waiting for a score.

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