Monday, July 5 UPDATE

Another great day up at Bridgton Sports Camp! On our second Monday of the session, the weather was the nicest it’s been: not a cloud in the sky on the temperature in the mid-70s. We followed our regular schedule for the day, including all of our usual major sessions.

In the morning, hockey majors focused on skating drills and in-the-neutral-zone games, followed by another afternoon of competitive scrimmages. Over at soccer, the boys started with some passing drills and refining their first touch skills. Communication was another theme of the day, especially as it relates to passing, and after putting the goalies through the ringer, the major session finished with a scrimmage. Lacrosse, meanwhile, had a big day of 1 on 1 drills to kick off the second week, and the counselors ensured the boys went at each other hard. After 1v1s, the lacrosse major session finished with some 3 on 2’s slowly but surely working some more competition into their routine. Over on the diamond, the baseball majors started off with some tee work, perfecting the fundamentals of their swings. There were also some throwing and baserunning drills mixed in, before ending the session with some live pitching and hitting. At the basketball arena, skill work was the focus of the day, particularly ball-handling and passing, before ending with the first 1-on-1 drills of the session. At another full-camp lineup in the afternoon, our counselors remarked on how much progress the campers in each major have made in just a week!

After a delicious lunch of quesadillas, an afternoon of minors commenced, with the boys enjoying everything from tubing in Long Lake to the street hockey rink. The rookies also started their singles tournament on the tennis courts, with an exciting first day of action. To wind down the night, campers gathered around the lineup area for our first campfire. A Bridgton tradition, we went over our camp’s values and what to expect for the final two weeks, as well as having some longtime Bridgton-ites talk about what this camp means to them, before ending with some delicious s’mores. After all, no campfire is complete without roasting marshmallows.

Overall, a great start to week two of BSC, and our time here is starting to fly by!

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