Week two has begun! Campers were rested and ready to go this morning. Early in the day, we sent 12-and-under and 15-and-under basketball teams off to play in a 3v3 Tournament at a local camp, and the Bridgton Sports Camp guys returned with a Championship Trophy in the 12-and-under Division!

In majors today, I had a chance to see the baseball players—who were being timed running sprints (Coach Mike keeps records of their progress over the course of the session) and they were also working in stations practicing some hitting and fielding.

Our basketball players were in the middle of a 4v4v4 Cut-Throat Drill that forced them to make good defensive plays to stay on the court for the next series.

The lake was once again the place to be this afternoon—and it sounded like there were some exciting results for our fishermen today!

After dinner, the Bridgton Sports League continued—it has been fun to wander around campus in the evenings catching different league games. Teams (The Lobsters, Water Buffalos, Humpback Whales, Loch Ness Monsters, Holy Mackerels and Box Turtles) are competing in anything from flag football, tennis, dodgeball, cricket, baseball, handball to ultimate Frisbee. Finally, our seniors are looking forward to attending a social tonight!

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