Majors & Minors

We are now in our final week, but still with so much more to do before our final campfire and banquet.

As always the coaches were innovative and campers got the most out of their majors. Soccer and hockey were getting the puck and ball into the net. At baseball Coach Mike had a pitching radar that let the boys know their speed. Over all the boys had less drills and majors were a little looser.

The top 4 teams in the BSC League had a dodge ball elimination after dinner. Winner has a pizza party! I heard cheering and shouting coming from the gym. Campers challenged counselors to a dodge ball game. They split one game a piece. I’m sure they are going to want to do a tie breaker!!

All campers then headed to the Players Lounge for……. make your own sundae. A perfect way to end the day.

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