Lazy Bones Sunday #2

It was a very hot day out, and we also had the counselors vs campers lacrosse and softball games too! Not to mention, this was the day of the White Out basketball game against a local camp!

There were some campers who did wake up early for donuts this morning, but a majority of them slept in.

Everyone headed up to Line-up at 10:00, and the campers learned of the different activities they could do before lunch. There was a U15 street hockey tryout and a U16 baseball tryout. They also could go out on the ice for a free skate, go to Art’s and Crafts, and for the campers who hadn’t gone waterskiing or wakeboarding could go out and try it. Some campers even went fishing as well!

After lunch, we had our rest hour and then it was off to the lacrosse and softball games! All the campers either participated or watched the games. Both were exciting to watch because the campers were holding their own, and having so much fun playing against counselors. In the lacrosse game, we had a counselor dress up in full hockey goalie gear, and he was on the camper’s team and was stopping shots left and right. The counselors’ goalie was a camper who killed it! He played amazingly, and stopped so many hard shots! Even though the campers lost, they still tried their hardest and had fun. In the softball game, the campers played very well, but the counselors ended up on top. The campers did catch some hard balls, and pitch balls that made it more difficult for the counselors to hit, making it more challenging for the counselors.

For dinner, we had mac and cheese with chicken strips and the pasta and salad bars. The dessert was popsicles.

After dinner, we had the white-out game against another camp. Bridgton came and played their hearts out. We had an early lead in the game, but ultimately we lost by only a couple of points! The campers who were not playing cheered on their friends and just had fun!

All the campers got extended phone time after the basketball to call their parents or friends. They also had time before the game to call as well!

Today was a tough day for the campers, but they brought their A-game to every sport they played and it was great to watch!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and I hope you had some donuts today as well!

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