July 30

Another picture perfect Maine day.

Majors this morning were intense. After a good stretch and warm up they worked on drills. It’s amazing how the coaches keep coming up with all these different drills in each sport. I’m sure the boys are starting to see their strength, speed and endurance improve in their respective major.

In soccer:
Shooting on goal with power and finesse: the perfect balance of fun, learning and competition. The boys were testing our goalkeeper and he showed us that he is up to the challenge making some truly spectacular saves.
Thank you Coach Mariano

This afternoon the 12 and under boys headed out of camp for a kickball match. Congratulations on another win!!!!!!

Along with the inter-mural basketball tournament, our BSC leagues, we also have a tennis tournament happening. The first round has just started.

Thanksgiving in July for dinner. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, string beans, and cranberry sauce were a huge hit. Cheese cake was served for desert.

BSC leagues tonight and I believe it was capture the flag and ultimate Frisbee.

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