A bit of gloomy weather continued at BSC on Saturday, but we followed our normal schedule and had a\ great day anyway. Following a classic breakfast of eggs and sausage, our hockey majors headed straight to the rink, while the rest of us headed back to the dorms to clean up. With just one day left in our weekly bunk inspection, campers are pouring their all into making their rooms as tidy as possible.

As we completed our first full week of majors, we’re starting to see tangible progress across the sports, thanks not only to our experienced counselors but to the consistent dedication of the campers. At baseball, the theme of the day was bunting. Not everyone’s favorite, but essential nonetheless, and the coaches rewarded the players with some competitive drills after. Over at the rink, the morning consisted of skating drills, followed by the usual afternoon scrimmages; the fellas were flying around on the ice! Soccer major on Saturday was full of competition; 1 on 1s, 2 on 2s, and so on, leading up to a complete scrimmage at the end. Meanwhile, the basketball majors have been upgraded to the indoor arena, and the boys took full advantage of the nicer facilities, starting with individual skill work, followed by some team defensive concepts and ending with 3 on 3 scrimmages. Lastly, the lacrosse majors worked in some competitive drills, focusing on crisp passing and stickhandling. All around, a solid day up on the fields.

After everyone’s favorite lunch, nuggets and fries, the afternoon was filled with campers participating in all their favorite minors, until choose-up. Choose-up is the last official period of our day, before dinner, when campers can go to almost any area of the camp to either just have fun, or put in extra work in their favorite sports. The basketball arena was once again packed, with campers and counselors joining in some excellent 5-on-5 runs. After choose-up and dinner, the rookies wound down in the Wolverine’s Den and the dorms, catching up on Game 6 of Bucks-Hawks. Meanwhile, the pros and seniors were free to continue playing and exercising, until heading back to their dorms a bit later in the night, in preparation for a July 4th-themed Lazy Sunday. Not a bad weekend!

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