July 28

Wednesday marked the halfway point of Session Two at BSC, and we didn’t let the occasion pass quietly. We did, however, go through our standards majors in the morning. And the level of competition in those sessions continues to increase, with just about every major scrimmaging for portions of the period. Even baseball has started implementing some coach-pitch live scrimmaging into their routines. And in the afternoon, after an extended rest hour, we had a single minor period.

But it was after that when our day truly took off. It was Carnival Day! We rented inflatable playhouses, from your classic bouncy house to an obstacle course to a water slide. From 3 until the sun went down, we enjoyed ourselves on the fields. But it wasn’t just us. Our sister camp, Kent’s Hill, came over for a social, so campers got to mingle while enjoying the carnival.

To close the night, we are outside; a cookout dinner of burgers, dogs, and mac n’ cheese. And as the sunset, we gathered on the field for a private fireworks show, before saying goodnight to Kent’s Hill. An exciting day, to be sure!

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