July 24

Last nights rain gave us bright blue skies and zero humidity today. Quite a pleasant change from yesterday.

This morning I was up on the fields for majors. Baseball players got a lot of instruction from Coach Mike on batting. They headed over to the batting cages and really worked on their swings. The boys were really letting them rip. “HUM Baby!” They ended the period with some home run derby.

We have a standing invitation to watch the 12 and under hockey majors. They had a scrimmage and coach said they are finishing the play well. Which I believe means they are scoring. There was a lot of puck passing up and down the ice. I will be there tomorrow to watch!

The lake was the place to be this afternoon. With fresh worms on the hook….10 fish were caught. This could be a new record. Canoe’s were out along with tubing, wake boarding, and skiing.

Our Thursday cookout was the perfect ending to a spectacular day.

This evening we had BSC leagues. Ultimate frisbee, cricket and dodge ball were played. If that’s not enough sports for one day we had a sign up for intramural basketball. We now have 5 teams competing. Coach Aren is not only an awesome coach but extremely creative. To be competing are: The Somerset County Spider Pigs, Webster-Univ. Gorlocks, Free Range Hens, Thunder Ducks, and last but not least the Farmington Beavers.

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